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LRF Fishing Luggage

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Daiwa Bitz Boxs

The Bitz Box is a neat little box which is perfect for storing terminal tackle and accessories or small lures. It has 2 x full width compartments and 2 x smaller compartments. 6 x removable dividers are included allowing you to customise the large compartments to suit your needs. The box is made from a tough clear plastic and features a full waterproof seal and four clasps to keep the lid securely closed.
From £6.99

HTO Sling Bag

A versatile, neat and compact bag ideal if you’re a mobile lure angler. Designed to store lure boxes, line, terminal tackle and any other tackle you might need for a session, all handy and easy to get to. Made from durable, water-resistant and wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material, this bag is designed with practicality in mind. It can be worn like a sling bag over your shoulder or converted into a waist bag by attaching the padded strap to the differently positioned D rings around the bag. The strap has a spare D ring for attaching tools and also has MOLLE style webbing straps for attaching other close to hand items. To the side, there is a fold that can be secured with velcro and clips, which is ideal for storing a landing net. A handy carry handle makes it easy to pick up when moving short distances without having to put it over your shoulder or around your waist. Taking a closer look at the bag storage, the front of the bag has a full-length zip pouch which is ideal for storing tools, line and other bits of kit. The front section of the bag folds down bench style, giving you a working area with your boxes and tackle on and for quick access to often-used lures and bits and bobs. A clear zipped pouch adds extra storage. The rear compartment is for bigger tackle boxes with another clear, zipped pouch for extra storage. To make it comfortable, the back of the bag is padded. It comes with quality zips with HTO custom branded toggles for ease of use.

Vass Dry Rucksack - Edition 3 Grey

Vass have taken their Dry rucksack and made a number of improvements to make it an even better all-weather bag. If you are after a bag that is completely waterproof and also be the most rugged bag you have ever owned, then look no further you have come to the right place. The Dry Rucksack combines tough construction, water protection for your kit and comfort to make a bag to meet the needs of beach and boat anglers. The Edition 3 sees a number of improvements to make a great bag even better Beach, boat and lure anglers have all found the Vass rucksack to be the perfect solution to carrying their kit and also keeping it dry in even the most adverse conditions. !
£79.99 £74.99

Vass Dry Rucksack - Edition 3 Khaki

Vass have taken their Dry rucksack and made a number of improvements to make it an even better all-weather bag. If you are after a bag that is completely waterproof and also be the most rugged bag you have ever owned, then look no further you have come to the right place. The Dry Rucksack combines tough construction, water protection for your kit and comfort to make a bag to meet the needs of beach and boat anglers. The Edition 3 sees a number of improvements to make a great bag even better Beach, boat and lure anglers have all found the Vass rucksack to be the perfect solution to carrying their kit and also keeping it dry in even the most adverse conditions. !
£79.99 £74.99

HTO Hip Lure Bag

Small bag design for mobile lure anglers. If you’re an angler who doesn’t need to take much kit with them on a lure session, this bag is perfect. It gives you just enough room to store all of the lure boxes and accessories you may need for a short session. A real grab and go bag! Made from tough, water-resistant, wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material. Designed to go over your shoulder, it features a padded back and shoulder strap for comfort. D rings at either side of the shoulder strap are handy for attaching tools and accessories. Just above the main compartment is a zipped pouch, ideal for storing personal items such as phones, wallets, keys etc. Although it is secure, it is not waterproof so only store valuable items in here when its sensible to do so. To one side of the bag is a purposefully designed fabric ring with secure velcro close for storing pliers and scissors for quick access. The other side is a material flap which can be fastened with velcro and clips to store items such as a landing net or water bottle. The main compartment is hidden behind a flap which contains a small zipped pocket. Lifting the flap reveals a further gusseted zipped pouch which is perfect for small accessory boxes. It also has a clear envelope at the back for kit separation. The main compartment is big enough to carry bigger lure boxes and has two drainage holes in the bottom to allow any excess water to escape when wading or putting wet boxes into the bag. A hard-wearing base keeps the bag in top condition and the tackle protected.
£32.99 £29.99

Leeda 5 Compartment Box

A small, simple, and straightforward little plastic box, this lightweight terminal tackle storage solution from Leeda is the answer to anglers’ perennial problems with losing those really tiny, yet completely essential, items of terminal tackle, such as swivels, or to keeping pre-cut pieces of rig foam away from the rest of your end tackle pieces. Giving you five small compartments, with a secure lid that closes down firmly, this tackle strip fits in a jacket pocket, or the larger pockets on a pair of cargo trousers, and ensures you always have instant access to those tiny items, just when you need them. Ideal for short session stalking anglers on its own, the Leeda 5-Compartment Box also makes the perfect addition to a comprehensive carp or coarse fishing tackle kit.

Leeda Mini Carryall

The mini carryall is brilliant for roving around a lake stalking or just fishing a day session. A lightweight compact carryall perfect for day sessions and roving around a lake stalking. Made out of 600d fabric the bag is very durable. A dark green olive colour gives the bag a stealthy look.


8.5cm wide x 15cm long x 4cm deep Twin Sided 20 Compartment Box

HTO Light Game Shoulder Bag

If you’re an LRF angler, this bag is for you. A small, neat bag for storing smaller tackle items and compact lure boxes on a session. Made from a tough, water-resistant, wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material. It features a strap that can be used either over the shoulder like a sling bag or around the waist for easy access. The main compartment is large enough to hold lure boxes, and a mesh pocket at the rear of the compartment is good for storing packets of small, soft lures. The front pocket features a further mesh pocket for lure packs and another compartment for lure boxes, accessory boxes, tools and other bits of kit. To the front is a small zipped pocket for securing smaller items and another open pocket to the front. The main central flap that covers all of these compartments is secured with a buckle. To one side is a tool loop with velcro fastening for scissors, pliers and other tools. To the other side is a material flap that is secured with velcro and clips to hold a landing net, drink and other round items.


£24.99 £21.99

Tronixpro Rucksack

A high capacity well thought out, practical and ergonomic rucksack designed for the shore angler. The large flat, durable, hard-wearing base makes the rucksack free standing, it cannot roll or collapse. The top is also flat so that items can temporarily be stored on top of the bag – making it the ideal base station rucksack. It is made from a water-resistant and wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material which is tough and strong, ideally suited to the rough and tumble environment of sea angling on rock marks, piers, boulders, stones and coarse sand. Internally there is one, large capacity, semi-rigid compartment, rectangular in shape, which is more practical for storing fishing tackle than a standard off the shelf rucksack. The main compartment is ideal for storing clothing, tackle boxes, reel cases, lead bags and anything else that might be needed on a session. Four, large pannier pockets, two on each side of the rucksack stand off the main compartment, so they can be filled with items without taking away storage from the main compartment. These pockets are ideal for close to hand items such as tools, rigs, terminal tackle and are strong enough to carry leads in too. On the front of the rucksack, two, stand-off pockets run the whole width of the main compartment and are large enough for storing rig wallets, tackle boxes and other larger tackle items. Each pocket is double zipped for convenience and comes with red pull cords, and rubberised Tronixpro branded tabs for ease of use with cold or wet hands. A grab handle on the back makes it easy to lift the rucksack.

Berkley Urbn Stash Net

This super compact and easy to use hinged net is the perfect option for those who have limited space or like to keep kit available in their office or car. Compatible with the URBN Utility Net bag this quick dry and anti-odour net is perfect for those who want to grab a bag and go whenever the oppourtunity arises.
£14.99 £12.99

Fox Rage Stack 'N' Store Lure Box Deep (Full Compartment)

Fox Rage Stack And Store Boxes The dedicated angler knows just how important it is to be organised. On the bank, organisation allows you to be able to respond to the changing angling situation at a moments notice. Off the bank, organisation ensures that you can prepare for every session with confidence. We’d hate to count the amount of times we’ve turned up on the bank without a vital bit of kit, or else ordered a brand new version of a product we’ve lost due to sloppy organisation. A good quality tackle box, manufactured by a company that really understands the needs of anglers, really does have the power to transform your angling – saving you time on and off the bank and allowing you more time to do the thing you love.


The Flow luggage range has been designed with the sole purpose of delivering high quality designs at highly competitive prices. Using production methods and design detailing usually found on products at a much higher price-point, it is easy to identify why this is one of the best value ranges of fishing luggage available on the market today. The Pack-Lite Rucksack is constructed using a durable 600D cordura fabric used to prolong the life of your purchase and protect all your tackle from the elements. Each compartment or pocket features two 'easy-grip' rubber zipper pullers to allow the angler super-fast access to his tackle. The product features 'easy view' interior lining and comes in a tidy flat pack design.
£49.99 £44.49

IMA Lurecase 2010NSM

The Lurecase 2010NSM is a premium quality slim lure which is perfect for storing smaller hard baits. The built in drainage ducts allow helps prevents condensation and helps the lures to dry naturally. It also means that you can swill the box and contents in freshwater when you get home and then by standing on its end all the water will drain away. 3 removable divers allow you to customise the compartments to suit your needs. The slim design is perfect to fit in a vest pocket or in your bag. Made in Japan by Meiho
From £9.99

Savage Gear Flat Lure Box Smoke Kit 2pcs

£13.99 £11.99

Savage Gear Lure Box 5A


Savage Gear Lurebox 6B Smoke 36X22.5X5CM

£12.99 £11.99

Savage Gear Specialist Lure Bag 6 Boxes - Small

SPECIALIST LURE BAG Keep all your fishing gear to hand wherever you roam with this practical, stand-up lure bag. It features a front access panel with four lure boxes inside and two side pockets, each containing another box. A top compartment for accessories means you’ll never need to leave anything behind.
£69.99 £62.99

Savage Gear Specialist Rucksack 3 Boxes 23L

SPECIALIST RUCKSACK Keep all the fishing gear you need close at hand with this practical and versatile rucksack. The easy-access front compartment is equipped with three lure boxes inside, while the top main compartment has a foldable divider wall so the bag can easily be transformed to have one single large compartment. This is the optimum lure bag for the mobile angler that covers longer distances.

Shakespeare Folding Stool

A robust must-have folding stool in green and tan with a silver frame.
£15.99 £14.99


Keep all your essential fishing gear close at hand with the IMAX Oceanic slingbag. It features a huge main compartment with plenty of space and protection for you all your gear. On the outside, there are two convenient pockets for pliers and other small accessories. The two padded and adjustable shoulder straps offer supreme carrying comfort, even when the slingbag is fully loaded. Perfect for anglers who like to fish on the move.
£34.99 £29.99


£39.99 £29.99

Savage Gear Neoprene Reel Cover - Large

NEOPRENE REEL COVER Keep your reel safe and protected during storage or transport with our 2mm neoprene reel cover. Designed to be used while the reel still attached to the rod, simply wrap it around your pride and joy and secure with the Velcro strap.
£11.99 £10.99