We have given nominal ratings below for the 5 types of ground the ranges are optimised for - as a general guidance. Other factors such as fast tidal streams, weed and kelp can be factored into selection in addition to ground conditions.

Personal preferences such as preferred method of registering bites, sensitivity and casting suitability can be assessed by physical inspection of the rod and your dealer’s advice on local or regional fishing applications.

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The Century Fireblade is an all-round beach rod which is designed to handle the fish and conditions found on most UK beaches. The rod is made by Century in their UK factory and they have used their skills to blend carbon and glass to make a rod which is easy to use and delivers the performance, both casting and fishing, which you would expect from a Century rod. The two piece blank has a rapid recovery tip which works well with a range of casting styles including OTG and the fishing pendulum Century Specification We have received frequent requests for what could be best described as an entry level shore rod to the well-established Century family of top end, high performance beach casters. The design brief started that it had to be designed and manufactured in UK. This was to ensure the key elements in quality, materials, processing, performance and reliability could be controlled in our factory in England. Thereafter the very best performance, with value for money and proven capability figured highly in the design and processing criteria. The Fireblade incorporates several technical benefits: Proprietary carbon/glass fibre and resin composites developed from extensive experience in sea angling and 20 years of experience in creating World Record distance rods. Advanced carbon fibre cutting and positioning of ply laminates coupled with optimised manufacturing techniques including curing in a computer controlled composite oven. Accurate fibre placement to allow efficient energy delivering in an easy loading rod with quick recovery. The sea always presents the angler with complicated hydraulics and the Fireblade has been tested and improved over several iterations in multiple locations on several species. The feedback loop has been relished by Century R&D team who have enjoyed the challenges the design brief required. We think the Fireblade ticks all the right boxes for someone who has an interest in an entry level top end rod brand but also has a wife and kids to feed. We have not compromised with the Century name that stands for performance and this rod will not disappoint an angler who wants a comprehensive taster of what is available from the full range of Century shore rods.