We Stock Most Beach Fishing Shelters On The Market Including The Famous Ian Golds Igloo along with our Best Seller the Imax Storm Safe Shelter.

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Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter V2

Imax Storm Safe beach shelter V2 maintains the classic domed beach shelter shape of the original model but with a number of improvements. The lightweight but strong aluminium frame now has cam lock adjustable legs which help to get the transport length down to a very reasonable 145cm. The skirt has also been extended to 40cm allowing you to pile on extra shingle for increased stability The classic domed design is proven to protect you from wind and rain. It is a very stable shelter which with a bit of practice is easy to erect, even in adverse conditions. The shelter is secured by piling sand or shingle onto the larger skirt and once properly erected it is stable in even the worst conditions. The Storm Safe has ample space for an angler and all his gear and you can even get two of you inside providing you do not mind a bit of a squeeze! There are roll up doors at the front and these have been designed to give even greater protection should you need it. The grey and orange Imax colours look very smart and give the Storm Safe a distinctive look on the beach. Size - 220 x 150 x 150cm
£129.99 £109.99

Ian Golds Igloo Shelter

Ian Golds MK2 Igloo a bigger and stronger variation from the MK1 A new design of beach shelter which looks set to be a common sight on the beach. The Igloo is based on a three legged design which makes it simple and very quick to set up (see video clip below) and also allows for it to be set in a number of different ways depending on if you need extra hight or width. It is secured by burying the attached flaps in the shingle and this will keep it stable in all conditions and go up fast! Ian Golds long time beach fishing experience and England team member has insurured this product is a top drawer item robust and easy to use.

Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter

Daiwa Sandstorm Shelter is designed for rapid set up thanks to its elastic connecting poles, Velcro and snaplock tensioners. The bottom skirt extends by 40cm for generous overlaying of sand and gravel, keeping your shelter secure in even the toughest of shore winds. When assembled, the Sandstorm Shelter offers an open front of 2.5m wide and a height of 1.4m. At 1.5m deep the head clearance continue for 75cm. Supplied with four ground spikes and a holdall
£134.99 £125.00

Tronixpro Beach 50 Inch Brolly Shelter

The Tronixpro Beach Brolly Shelter is a 50in fishing brolly that has been designed for use by sea anglers. It is ideal for use on the beach or shingle for storing gear away from the elements. It creates the ideal base camp for baiting up, tying rigs or even making a brew! It features side flaps that keep the wind out of the brolly. Made from a strong steel frame and featuring 210D fabric, which has taped seams throughout to prevent any water ingress. The 80cm down pole with a metal point is perfect for securing the brolly into the ground. It can also be setup Nubrolli style, which allows the centre pole to be removed and placed at the rear for an alternative shelter position, giving increased working space. The pocketed flaps around the sides can be filled with pebbles, sand or rocks to help give the brolly more security in high winds. For further reassurance, strategically placed D rings around all parts that touch the ground which can secure the brolly with T pegs and guy ropes. It also comes with a fabric sleeve, made of the same material for storage which packs down to a size that can be easily stored in our Double Quiver Bag. Although designed for the sea angler, the brolly is the perfect accompaniment for the coarse or carp angler too. In all black with a red Tronixpro logo, it will certainly stand out amongst the sea of green often witnessed at many a coarse or carp lake.
£65.99 £59.99

Ian Golds Bigaloo

Even larger variation of the IgLoo beach shelter. Can be erected in seconds on most surfaces. Adjustable height depending on how far apart legs are spread. Rolls up straight. New frame and shape gives larger floor area up to 2.25m. Big enough for two anglers and all of their tackle. Lays flat on the ground before erecting, making it exceptionally easy to put up, even in high winds! Angler can sit on their tacklebox and still have plenty of headroom... even when wearing a headlamp! Velcro straps to hold spare rods when fishing. You can even stand up in it! Full width doors. With enough room for a tall person to lay down and have plenty of room to spare.
£199.99 £174.99

Imax FR Competition Beach Shelter

The unique design of the FR Competition Beach Shelter gives full weather protection for up to 2 people. The profile of the shelter can be adjusted to suit the angler and as it is set up from the floor up it means that it can be erected in strong winds without fear of it blowing away.
£119.99 £99.99

TronixPro Snug Beach Shelter

The TronixPro Snug Beach Shelter gives you a refuge from rough conditions when your out on the beach. Featuring a super strong aluminium frame and tough 420 PU backed fabric. Designed to comfortably house a single angler, with internal flaps that can be pinned down with rocks and sand. There's also a series of spikes and rubber pegging points should you find yourself fishing from regular grassy terrain. All packing down into a drawstring bag that comes supplied, and will slot neatly into your quiver or rod holdall.

Shakespeare SALT Beach Shelter Clear Top

The Shakespeare SALT beach shelter – Clear Top is a sturdy, waterproof and easy to assemble shelter that offers the shore and beach angler the ultimate base camp comfort and weather protection. The shelter is very spacious, allowing you to store plenty of tackle, baits and other equipment. It is even big enough to accommodate two anglers when required. Due to the special clear top design, you will be perfectly able to see your rod tips when sitting inside the shelter. As well it is designed with a wide access door for easy entry and exit. The wide side and rear extra long side flaps allow sand, rocks or shingle to be heaped on to secure the shelter to the ground. With a little practice, the shelter takes little more than a minute to assemble and because of the special bag its very easy to carry.
£159.99 £109.99