Coarse Fishing Catapults

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Drennan Boilliepult

Boiliepults have an extra strong frame to accommodate the extra power latex required to deliver boilies. By limiting the number of boilies in the pouch to say, five or six 16mm baits, you can achieve optimum distance and accuracy at around the 40m mark. With just a bit of practice, single boilies can be fired into a tight area at long ranges:

Drennan Catapult Repair Kit (Boiliepult)

Drennan Catapult Repair Kit (Boiliepult) Spare Boiliepult catapult elastic

Drennan Revolution Catapult Repair Kit (Light Grade Red Elastic)

Drennan Revolution catapult repair kit replacement light grade red elastic.

Drennan Revolution Tangle Free Caty (X Strong Elastic)

Drennan Revolution Tangle-Free Catys feature a new design of pouch and frame, with super-slick rotation bearings. The perennial problem with catapults is twisting up of the elastic. So these have a special attachment at the frame end that is designed to revolve freely and reduce such tangles to an absolute minimum. Rigorous feeding methods such as pellet waggler fishing have meant we have had to produce a catapult that is extremely tough and durable. The handle is ergonomically correct, fitting the hand perfectly, and the best way to reduce elastic wear at the frame end is to have a straight attachment peg, protruding ‘in the line of pull’.

Drennan Team England Catapult Repair Kit (Extra Soft)

Team England Caty Extra Soft Elastic Repair Kit

E.S.P Boillie Pult

E.S.P Boillie Pult For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage Pouch capacity approximately 10 x 18mm or 16 x 15mm boilies With a little practice, tight groupings of baits can be achieved at distances around 40 metres Reduce the quantity and weight of bait for increased distance Special cone shaped pouch Spare pouches and latex available Latex is a natural material with limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly

E.S.P Particle Pult

E.S.P Particle Pult Designed to deliver large quantities of particle baits quickly and efficiently Unlike boilies, particle baits can be difficult to catapult any distances beyond about 15 to 20 metres This E-S-P Particle pult is designed to maximize distance and minimize spread with a range of popular baits including pellets, sweetco, tigeuts and hemp Spare pouches and latex available Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight / weathering and natural latex will last longer

ESP Twin Walled Latex Tube

ESP Twin Walled Latex Tube 2 x 12" (30cm) lengths. Short or over-powered catapult elastics accelerate the bait load too fast and increase spread significantly These sections of latex provide a long, slow, powerful acceleration for maximum distance and minimum spread Natural latex has a unique power and elasticity but has a limited lifespan and should be replaced regularly

Guru Catapult


Guru Incredible Pult

Guru Incredible Pult, This brutish, distance pult is the big daddy of the impressive Guru Catapult range. It has been designed to help group your free offerings tightly, even at maximum range,

Guru Light Catapult


Preston Matchpult Small

The Match Pult has been purposely designed for natural baits like maggots, casters as well as meat or corn. It's the perfect tool for the angler who wants reliability, durability and accuracy from their catapult.


The Drennan Feederpult has stood the test of time as one of the very best catapults ever made! The Feederpult comes in two models - Soft Elastic (Large Swivel Pouch) and Strong Elastic (X-Large Swivel Pouch). The lightweight, toughened frame features extra long life elastic and a non-twist system.


Drennan Orange Revolution X Strong Latex catapult. Orange Revolution Caty – Large frame with orange X-Strong latex. The more powerful elastic makes it ideal for 8mm and 10mm pellets at range or in windy conditions. It is also a great catapult for pouching maggots and casters as far as possible. Like the green Revolution Caty, it is also useful for firing out small balls of groundbait. The perennial problem with catapults is twisting up of the elastic.

Drennan Catapult Repair Kit (Feederpult)

Drennan Catapult Repair Kit (Feederpult) Drennan Feederpoult Replacement Elastic

Drennan Revolution Catapult Repair Kit (X Strong Orange Latex)

Drennan Revolution Catapult Repair Kit (X Strong Orange Latex)