Asso Fishing Line

Asso is a brand of fishing line from Italian Line Giant Gruppo, who have been producing some of the world’s best quality fishing lines since the 1970’s. The Asso brand is available in over 80 countries worldwide and is now available in the UK and Ireland  from retailers all across the country.

With a complete range of products from monofilaments and co-polymers to 100% Fluorocarbons and Fluorocarbon coated lines, Asso have a line for every Angler and for every situation. Asso UK have chosen the best suited products from the extensive Asso range and have then developed numerous new products specifically for the UK Market.

Our attention to detail and very high production standards mean Asso  lines are among the best available in the world. Our factories use the very latest technology and have led the way in developing new production techniques and products particularly Fluorocarbons. Our quality controls are second to none and every spool leaving the factory is quality checked.

Asso’s  team of top Anglers and Casters have the job of testing new products before they are accepted into the range,  any new line has to pass rigorous field and mechanical testing.


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