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Shakespeare Folding Backrest Stool

A pratical fishing chair, with a strong canvas seat and back rest; ideal for short stay fishing
£26.99 £22.99

Shakespeare Folding Stool

A robust must-have folding stool in green and tan with a silver frame.
£15.99 £14.99

Shakespeare Compact Folding Stool

Improved specification - lightweight aluminium frame. Erects to a height of 60cm and weighs only 700 g. Fitted with an adjustable shoulder strap and ideal for many outdoor activities. Incorporates a mesh pocket under seat.
£26.99 £19.99

Hardy HBX Classic Bag Small

The Aln bag was the favorite of the Hardy Brothers, who named it after their home waters in Alnwick. In addition to the durable, hard-wearing canvas, there is a removable waterproof lining for your catch or cold beverages. The all leather strap features a quick release brass button and slot that is easily manipulated with a single hand for use while angling. The two outside pockets can carry fly boxes and tools for your time on the water. Handmade in the UK.

Leeda Mini Carryall

The mini carryall is brilliant for roving around a lake stalking or just fishing a day session. A lightweight compact carryall perfect for day sessions and roving around a lake stalking. Made out of 600d fabric the bag is very durable. A dark green olive colour gives the bag a stealthy look.

Leeda Multi Case Box 6-24 Compartment



£34.99 £31.99


Medium Carryall
£39.99 £32.99

Leeda 5 Compartment Box

A small, simple, and straightforward little plastic box, this lightweight terminal tackle storage solution from Leeda is the answer to anglers’ perennial problems with losing those really tiny, yet completely essential, items of terminal tackle, such as swivels, or to keeping pre-cut pieces of rig foam away from the rest of your end tackle pieces. Giving you five small compartments, with a secure lid that closes down firmly, this tackle strip fits in a jacket pocket, or the larger pockets on a pair of cargo trousers, and ensures you always have instant access to those tiny items, just when you need them. Ideal for short session stalking anglers on its own, the Leeda 5-Compartment Box also makes the perfect addition to a comprehensive carp or coarse fishing tackle kit.


8.5cm wide x 15cm long x 4cm deep Twin Sided 20 Compartment Box

Leeda Bass Bag - Fish Transport

The Leeda Bass Bag is a great value, low cost bag to help keep your fish cool and fresh once dispatched.

Wychwood Game Bass Bag

This bass bag is made almost entirely from water, rot and odour proof rubber mesh, keeping your catch safe and fresh all day, whilst you continue your fishing. If you enjoy taking the occasional fish home for the pot then this really is an essential piece of kit.

Wychwood 4 Fish Competition Bass Bags 450mm

The inner bass bag is made almost entirely from water, rot and odour proof rubber mesh, keeping your catch safe and fresh all day long.

Wychwood 8 Fish Competition Bass Bags 650mm

The inner bass bag is made almost entirely from water, rot and odour proof rubber mesh, keeping your catch safe and fresh all day long.


£51.00 £42.99


The Flow luggage range has been designed with the sole purpose of delivering high quality designs at highly competitive prices. Using production methods and design detailing usually found on products at a much higher price-point, it is easy to identify why this is one of the best value ranges of fishing luggage available on the market today. The Pack-Lite Rucksack is constructed using a durable 600D cordura fabric used to prolong the life of your purchase and protect all your tackle from the elements. Each compartment or pocket features two 'easy-grip' rubber zipper pullers to allow the angler super-fast access to his tackle. The product features 'easy view' interior lining and comes in a tidy flat pack design.
£49.99 £44.49

Greys Fish/Wet Wader Bag

A durable bag in bag system, which allows you to transport either wet waders or fish in a sealed environment which wont leak. The inner PVC bag folds down and Velcro fastens forming the first barrier. The outer durable bag then zips shut, and features a carry handle and shoulder strap for ease of transport


The smaller, more compact Urban Sling Bag is the soft-sided version of the Rapala Classic Sling Bag, holding only one 3600 tackle box, instead of two like its larger brother. The bag includes a compartment for a 10” tablet as well as a touch screen compatible pocket on the shoulder for your phone, making it the ideal choice for any city-locked angler looking to have a quick fish before or after work. There’s plenty of additional space included for your essentials such as pliers, cutters, jigs and leaders. Dimensions (WxHxD): 40 cm/28 cm/14 cm. Capacity: 15 liters. Color: digi-camo/black

Shakespeare Folding Stool /Cooler Bag

A lightweight stool with an integral thermally insulated cooler makes this idea partner on any fishing trip.
£49.99 £39.99

Leeda 10 Compartment Tackle Box


Rapala Sportsman 12 Shoulder Bag

The Sportsman 12 Shoulder Bag is a perfect addition to any anglers outfit. These shoulder bags are ideal for day trips. The main compartment has a removable PVC liner and in addition, it also features three additional pockets which are perfect for tools, accessories or small tackle essential.
£24.99 £19.99

Rapala Sportsman 13 Shoulder Bag

The Sportsman 13 Stachel Bag os a spacious and practical fishing bag, ideal for mobile anglers. The main compartment features a removable PVC liner and two pockets in the front section for accessories and small pieces of tackle.
£23.99 £18.99

The Hardy Neoprene Reel Case - Large

The Hardy Neoprene Reel Case is perfect for protecting your favourite reel, both on and off the rod.

The Hardy Neoprene Reel Case - Medium

The Hardy Neoprene Reel Case is perfect for protecting your favourite reel, both on and off the rod.