Coarse Fishing Rod Rests

Coarse Fishing Rod Rests

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Drennan Quiver Rest

The classic design Drennan Quiver Rest is absolutely ideal for quiver-tipping on rivers and still­waters. It helps to accom­modate the optimum rod pos­i­tion which can buy the angler extra bites. It is manufactured from light­weight, hard-wearing plastic with an angle tilt and screws into any standard thread bankstick. The Quiver Rest can accom­modate a number of rod pos­i­tions without re-positioning the rod rest, and is designed with grooves for the line so that it does not trap; a cru­cial advantage when fishing for both shy biting fish and where violent takes require imme­diate release of line from the spool!

Guru Reaper Specialist Front Feeder Rest

Unique design allows the rest to be positioned at any angle whilst always allowing line to run freely through the groove. Ideal for all types of quiver tip work, the chosen rod rest for many of the UK's top match anglers.

Guru Reaper Specialist Rear Rest


ESP Mini Butt Grips

Available in three sizes, each designed for a different style of handle, these Mini Butt Grips give a strong, secure hold when you set your rod down, yet release easily, so that your session feels smooth and seamless right the way through. The small butt grip works well with abbreviated handles, such as those on the Nash Dwarf Rods, the medium grip is intended for use with shrink rubber handled rods, while anglers using a rod with a cork or duplon handle should go for the large butt grip. Stainless steel threads, on CNC overmoulded plastic heads, provide a strong, durable bankside essential, which offers a neat, minimalist look, whilst more than standing up to the demands of an active angling session. Using a butt grip protects your rod handle from damage on the bank, and also creates a smart presentation on those occasions where you’re not going to be out long enough to merit taking a rod pod with you.
From £4.45

Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer

The eagerly awaited Reaper Pole Section Retainer hits tackle shops next week, and does everything that you would expect it to, plus much more! You might be thinking that there isn’t really much that you can do with a pole sock, but this one has a few unique features which really make it stand out and will help you to fish more efficiently. To prevent your pole sliding forwards, most anglers attach either a pole sock or tulip flexing grip to their seatbox, but the Reaper combines the best of both. The Reaper features two pole socks and the clever design means that there is a tulip grip in-between them, so effectively you have a retainer that will hold three separate sections of pole. The frame is strong and durable, as are the ‘socks’ themselves, and there is plenty of protection around the edge of it to prevent any chance of damage to delicate pole sections, thanks to an EVA foam coating. The thick mesh used for the sock also provides plenty of protection for pole sections.


30ins Tube Alloy Bankstick with Arrow point

Rod Hutchinson Bank Sticks

The Rod Hutchinson bank sticks have been designed to be as light as possible whilst still being a good solid usable product. Made with a 19.5mm aluminium outer with an inner of 16mm. A stunning gunsmoke finish with solid machined points.
From £8.99


32F Solid Alloy V Top R/R


15 inch Solid Alloy Bankstick

Fox Butt Grip - Medium

Constructed from robust rubber Grips with impressive strength Performs better than most other models

Fox Butt Grip Large (Full Handle)

They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater than most other models available as despite their small size the Fox Butt Grips are actually in contact with more of the butt’s surface area than most. As mentioned previously they are very small, which when coupled with their minimalist styling makes them every tackle tarts dream back rest! There are two models available, which are Small for standard abbreviated handles and Large for full Duplon and cork handles.

Fox Duo Butt Grip


Guru Reaper XL Feeder Rest

Designed to offer a stylish complement to the original Guru Reaper Rest, the Reaper XL is ideal for speed fishing, making it a great choice for all the keen match anglers out there.

Preston Innovations BUTT GRIPPER REST

The Butt Gripper rest is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of rod butt diameters. The soft grippy TPE ribs will help to grip the butt, while still allowing you to remove the rod smoothly when a fish is hooked or a recast is required.
£6.99 £6.75

Preston Innovations MINI BUTT REST

The perfect compact Butt rest, ideal for use with both Cork and EVA rod Butts.

Sonik Stanz Rubber Rod Grip Large

Sonik Stanz Rubber Rod Grip Large

Sonik Stanz Rubber Rod Grip Small


24in-45in V TOP ROD REST 10PK

24- 45 Inch Alloy Extendable Rod Rest


5/8 O.D Telescopic Bankstick 16in



Korum Sidestrike Rest

The Korum Sidestrike Rest is ideal for tip fishing, particulary when there is wind or a tow in the water. Stops the rod popping out of the rest and enables the angler to strike naturally and easily sideways.

Gardner Dual Gripper Head x3

These flexible Dual Gripper Butt Rests are designed to securely retain the rod in most fishing situations – holding onto the butt and stopping the rod from being pulled from the rear rod rest on ‘the bite’, whilst releasing smoothly on the strike.

Guru Reaper Mini Front Rest

The new Mini Reapers are aimed at river anglers and double rod anglers. We have toned down the colours to make them more desirable on natural venues and to give them their own discreet look.
£11.99 £10.95

Guru Reaper Stealth Mini Rear Rest

A shorter more compact version of Guru's specialist reaper rear rest. With shorter sides than the original version, and a more discrete look. They're perfect for river anglers fishing two rods at once offering a secure place to seat your rod butt while you waiting for your next fish.
£5.99 £4.50