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Korda Compac 3 Rod Holdall 12ft

The fantastic new range of Compac Rod Holdalls has been designed to keep your expensive rods and reels in the best possible condition during transit, whilst also being practical and allowing you to set up and pack away in the shortest possible time! After many months of testing and development by a variety of top anglers, we were finally happy that we had designed the best possible rod holdalls and included all of the features that any angler would want – so whatever style of carp fishing you do, and type of water that you fish, there is a Compac Rod Holdall that is perfect for your needs!

Korda Compac Bait Cool Bag Small

Keeping your bait fresh on the bank is essential to get the best from it, and this Compac Bait Cool Bag will help to ensure that. It is lightweight and fully insulated, so will keep bait frozen for quite some time, and when it does thaw out, will help to keep it cool and fresh. Its bucket shape makes it easy to get the bait out when you need it, and the wipe-clean lining makes it easy to wash after each session, as well as being designed to help ensure the contents stays cold.

Korda Compac Buzz Bar Bag Large

COMPAC BUZZ BAR BAG-SMALL The Korda Compac Small Buzz Bar Bag is a light, fully padded storage solution for buzz bars up to 18cm (7 inches) in width. The bag features an internal divider to separate the front and rear buzz bars and a large pocket in the lid. •Durable and water-resistant fabric •Fully padded lining ensures alarms stay well protected •Large internal pocket in the lid is ideal for storing bobbins and indicators •Reinforced carry handle •Heavy-duty zip pullers Dimensions:25cm x 17cm x 8cm

Korda Compac Cool Bag Large

The range of Compac Cool Bags has been designed to keep your bait and food as fresh as possible, with a suitable model to cater for all your needs. Whether you are fishing a day session, quick overnighter, or going fishing for several days and taking a load of bait and food, there is a size of Compac Cool Bag which will perfectly meet your needs, as well as looking stylish and being specifically designed for fishing.

Korda Compac Cool Bag Medium

The range of Compac Cool Bags has been designed to keep your bait and food as fresh as possible, with a suitable model to cater for all your needs. Whether you are fishing a day session, quick overnighter, or going fishing for several days and taking a load of bait and food, there is a size of Compac Cool Bag which will perfectly meet your needs, as well as looking stylish and being specifically designed for fishing.


COMPAC COOL PACKS The Korda Compac Cool Packs are designed to keep bait and food colder for longer and work well in conjunction with the Korda Compac Cool Bags and Cooler. Place the Cool Packs in the freezer 24 hours before your session, then add to the bag to keep contents chilled. 2 Cool Packs included.


COMPAC DRY BAG–SMALL The Korda Compac Small Dry Bag features a roll top design and welded seams. Fully waterproof, it’s ideal for storing spare clothes or waders.


COMPAC GAS JACKET The Korda Compac Gas Canister Jacket insulates the ‘500’ size gas can from the elements improving stove performance. Pockets for spoon and lighters keep them close at hand.


COMPAC RUCKSACK 45 The Korda Compac Rucksack 45 offers plenty of internal storage. Four modular side pockets are designed to complement the Compac 100 and 110 EVA pouches. The front pocket accommodates a Korda Tackle Box, helping to maximise the space in the main compartment.


8.5cm wide x 15cm long x 4cm deep Twin Sided 20 Compartment Box


Medium Carryall
£39.99 £32.99

Korda Zig Box

Zig Box - Tough impact proof storage - 4 x Eva Spools & 20 pins to secure rigs - Each spool holds approx 5 rigs or leaders - Compatible with our existing 'ready zig' range When you’re fishing zigs, a lot of the time you will have a variety of different lengths and different hookbait colour combinations tied up ready to go, but they can get in a real mess, and this is where the new Zig Box comes into play.

Korda Chod Safe Box

ChodSafe - Chod storage system - Built from rugged, overmoulded plastic - Holds 28 pre-tied rigs and three spare leaders - Pop-out handle allows you to steam rigs on the Chod Safe If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to 28 perfect Mouth Trap hook sections, of a range of lengths. Two different diameter sections allow you to set, and keep both short and longer pre-tied chod rigs in the perfect fish-catching curve. What’s more, there’s also space for three pre-tied leadcore leaders (or similar) with Heli-Safe beads attached. Those clever design bods have engineered a pop-up handle to allow you to steam your chods into the perfect curve, without burning your fingers too! The ChodSafe is finished in a soft-touch rubber and features a neat magnetic closure system to prevent it opening in transit. Each ChodSafe comes with thirty pins to secure your rigs to the foam-lined cylindrical sections.

Korda Mini Rig Safe

Mini RigSafe - Remodelled RigSafe - Holds up to 60 rigs - Magnetic locking system prevents box from opening in transit - Comes with 30 standard pins and 15 double pins

Korda Rig Safe

Rig Safe - Magnetic rig case - Can store rigs of 12 inches or longer - Double-ended design allows 90 rigs to be stored - Features a soft-touch rubber over moulded finish with ruler for rig tying

Korda Mini Rig Safe Combi

RigSafe Combi - A magnetic rig case with 12 internal compartments for rig bits! - Specially made aluminium bar keeps hook links from tangling - Will store up to 20 rigs - Supplied with standard pins and double pins, so hook links without loops or swivels can be stored

Korda TackleSafe

The TackleSafe is the latest addition to our terminal tackle and rig storage range and is designed to sit alongside the existing RigSafe and ChodSafe products. It is a compact end-tackle storage system within a hard clamshell-style case, secured magnetically, and with a soft-touch, non-slip outer coating, and featuring a ruler to assist with your rig tying.

Korda Tubing Box

Key Features A purpose made and useful compact storage unit Designed for up to 10 metres of rig tube This innovative storage solution also features a removable tray Made to hold small end tackle items e.g.: lead clips It is also specifically designed to fit neatly inside the Korda Tackle Box

Korda Accessory Box

Key Features Compact boxes for storing small tackle items Theses handy boxes are designed to fit perfectly into the Korda Tackle box Features the same hinged identification tab as our new spools This allows you to, not only, label the boxes but remove them from your Tackle Box with ease Each box contains a removable divider to split the cavity into two equal spaces Each pack contains 3 x boxes and blank labels

Korda Kamo Compac Bait Caddy

This Korda Compac Boilie Caddy comes with a removable insert so you can choose between a storage container or an air drying bag for your bait. The caddy is constructed from a durable camo mesh outer lining and sports a removable EVA insert, strong enough to store lots of particles.

Korda Tackle Box Collection

Being well organised on the bank will definitely help you to catch more fish, as not only will know that you have everything with you, but you’ll be able to find it quickly when you need to, and that is where the new Tackle Box comes into its own!

Chub X Tra Protection Zip Sack

-Carped-Unhooking Mat -Made of green Eazi-Flow Tissue -Ensures maximum Oxygen Supply -With a 5 m Line and a Marker Float -Incl. waterproof Carrying Handle
£19.99 £17.99

Korda Tackle Box

Korda Tackle Box is the complete tackle storage system designed to allow you to have the most amount of kit possible for a minimal footprint. A ‘big brother’ to the TackleSafe, the Tackle Box is an alternative option for those needing to take just a little more end tackle on the bank for longer sessions, trips abroad, or just to cover all fishing situations they might find themselves in.

Fox Deluxe Set F Box Medium Single

Key Features Rigid and hard wearing design Waterproof sealed lids Long last hinges Reliable slide lock closure Adjustable in size compartments Deep partition Large x 4 Deep partition Medium x 3 Deep partition Small x 3 Spool Dispensers x 2 8 compartment x 1 Flip Top x 2 4 compartment x 1