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Daiwa Emcast BR 3500

The Series 7 represents Drennan’s first foray into the world of reel production and have been designed to perfectly complement the range of Series 7 rods. This is the Big Feeder 9-50 reel in the series. Supplied with an alloy main spool and two spare composite spools, this reel offers you fantastic value for money. This is a shallow spooled reel, ideal for holding 100m of 2lb-6lb lines, making it the ideal tool for most feeder situations. Thanks to the rubber indication on the front of each spool, you are able to load up each spool with a different line for ultimate bankside versatility. The spools are also fitted with a small indentation which has been purpose designed for housing your spool knot, ensuring you’re able to perfectly load up your spool each time. For such a competitively priced reel, the Drennan Series 7 Big Feeder 9-50 reel features buckets of top end technology that wouldn’t look out of place on a reel twice the price. This includes eight ball bearings, which make this reel one of the smoothest running outfits in its price point. It is also fitted with an additional one way clutch bearing that ensures the lifespan of your clutch is exceptional. The Drennan Series 7 Big Feeder 9-50 features instant anti-reverse, ensuring you don’t experience hook pulls and lost fish on aggressive takes. This is a silent feature, making it ideal for the stealthy angler. This reel offers incredibly smooth rear drag – it really is the perfect reel for all your feeder fishing needs. Whether you’re carp fishing with a feeder in the margins or you’re hitting out further into the water, the Drennan Series 7 Big Feeder 9-50 is the reliable, durable, and high specification reel for you and will make a welcome addition to your tackle box.
The Float 9-30 forms part of the exceptional Series 7 collection from Drennan, which has been going from strength to strength in the angling community. This rear drag float fishing reel has spent more than four years in product development as Drennan wanted to ensure they had created the perfect reel before releasing it to the waiting angling market. The rear drag mechanism on this Float 9-30 is incredibly smooth thanks to the introduction of eight ball bearings, as well as one additional clutch bearing. The introduction of ball bearings to a reel has been one of the biggest product developments in reel history and it is rare to see so many ball bearings on a reel of this price. Ball bearings significantly reduce the friction between the moving parts of the reel, not only ensuring smoothness but also increasing the lifespan of the reel itself. The gear ratio is 5.2:1, making it ideal for all forms of float fishing. The Float 9-30 comes supplied with one alloy spool of 39mm fitted on the reel, as well as two additional composite spools of 40mm and 41mm respectively. These additional spools make the reel incredibly versatile, allowing you to minutely adjust the set up of your reel to your angling style or the lay of the swim on the day. All the spools are able to hold 100m of float fishing line, between 2lb and 6lb, without the need for backing. These spools are all fitted with rubber inserts on the front of the spool, indicating the line breaking strain you are using – a feature that many anglers have found incredibly useful. The spools also have an indentation point on them, which has been designed in order to neatly house the line knot. You will struggle to find another coarse fishing reel at this price point which has so many outstanding features.

Greys GFRS Reel