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Chub Outkast EZ-Back Chair Mate

£54.99 £44.99
Chub Outkast EZ-Back Chair Mate Very often, flexibility is the key to success in angling. The fish you want to target on the day might be feeling tricksey, leading you on a merry dance across a wide area. On days like this, you probably want to be mobile if you can and that means bringing the bare minimum of kit with you. But what if it’s cold or you need to look after your back? The purveyors of quality tackle at Chub Fishing may have the seating solution to cover all these needs. The Chub Outkast EZ-Back Chair Mate is a legless seat that can be used in a variety of ways. First, it will fit on any bedchair. This means that a mobile angler is able to have a relatively slimline accommodation kit which consists of an umbrella, a bedchair, and the EZ-Back Chair Mate and be able to cover all the bases – they’ll be sheltered from the elements, able to stay warm and cosy at night, and have a seat which will properly support their back and neck. It’s this support for your back, shoulders, and neck which makes the EZ-Back series of chairs different from others in its class. With comfy seat dimensions of 57cm x 44cm (W x L), the back is easily adjustable between 47cm and 73cm in height to fully support your shoulders, neck, and head. The entire seating fabric is padded, which can only help ease the potential discomfort of extended angling sessions. The EZ-Back Chair Mate will also sit on other solid supports such as tackle seatboxes, so if the weather is good and you don’t need a shelter you’ll still be able to keep good posture. The frame itself acts as a hook at the front to keep the seat in place and is very lightweight, even with steel reinforcement in all the right places to ensure a long life under regular use. The whole seat comes in at a nimble 3.4kg in weight. For the angler who doesn’t move around too much, or is it in for a long one and doesn’t mind dealing with accordingly larger amounts of kit, this Chair Mate can be used as an additional or spare seat to offer to visitors at your peg. The Chub Outkast EZ-Back Chair Mate is olive-green in colour for carp or coarse angling and represents great value for such a versatile seat. Sometimes, it pays to be legless!