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GuruPellet Feeder 24g

•The Guru Pellet Feeder is a subtle tool that has a couple of key advantages over standard method feeders. First of all, the hook bait is placed inside the feeder, which effectively shields it, the hook link and the free bait on the cast. This makes the Pellet Feeder THE feeder of choice for fishing right in among reeds or sedges, where clipping the foliage is almost essential to get a bite. The design of this feeder means that the bait can exit from only one angle, straight out of the open end

Preston ICM Method Feeder

The ICM Method Feeder is great when a small amount of bait is needed, especially when fishing in shallower water up to islands.
From £2.75

Preston ICS In-Line Dura Flat Method Feeder

The In-Line Dura Flat Method is the perfect feeder option for carp, skimmers and F1's on a wide variety of commercial and natural venues.
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12g Ball Leger x6per Blister 10/pk

Drennan In Line Flat Method Feeder & Mould

The shape of the feeder increases casting distance and improves accuracy, particularly in strong cross-winds. On the body of the feeder, the two largest bait-holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This leaves a generous gap so that the hook bait can be placed in the optimum position. This area also aligns with a recess in a Drennan bait mould for perfect positioning every time.
From £4.85

Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder

From £2.35


From £2.35

Guru Gripper Feeder

We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out.
From £2.99

Guru In-Line Method Feeder

From £2.49

Guru Method Feeder Clip Rig Control System

A brilliant technique for keeping your hook link in tight. Simply click into place and you're good to go, your hookbait will remain in the perfect position, every time. Now made easy with this new invention. A lot of time and thought has gone into getting this product just right, with some fantastic results for the anglers who have been testing it prior to its release. As well as keeping your hookbait right in amongst your loosefeed, it also allows you to effectively fish very short hook links without the associated problems that usually accompany those – difficulty in tying them and increased potential for hook-pulls due to the close proximity with hook during the fight – as once a fish is hooked your hooklink will pull free, and you will be back to playing it on your normal length of hooklink. It will also come in very useful on venues that ban bolt rigs as you can fish it with a running style, but still get the self-hooking effect that a bolt rig would give, as it grips the line until a fish is hooked. If you are using it with a pop-up then there is no need for any counter-balance weight, simply place the hooklink in to set the required distance that you want your hookbait to sit above the loosefeed. Or you can use it to make sure that a bottom bait stays right in amongst the groundbait even once fish have disturbed it. This is going to be a big hit with match and pleasure anglers, but is also likely to find favour with specimen anglers who want to fish very short hook links. This is one of those incredibly simple products which can make a big difference to your catch rate!
From £2.99

Guru X-Change Distance Cage Feeder

The X-Change Distance Feeders complement the already strong range of feeders in our stable. This X-Change ​Feeder offers ultimate versatility, and meets all international CIPS rules, meaning it can be used in all World ​Championship and international matches. The whole team at Guru has come together in the development ​of these, including the expertise of current and ex-England Internationals, Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney, ​who have tested the range for nearly two years to tweak and perfect it. No stone has been left unturned in ​terms of the components, features and performance of these weapons!
From £3.99


Quick Change Open End Feeder Large 20g


Quick Change Open End Feeder Large 30g


Quick Change Open End Feeder Small 15g

Preston ICS Banjo XR Moulds Medium


Preston ICS In-Line Pellet Feeders

Preston ICS In-Line Pellet Feeder, Available in three body sizes, the ICS In-line Pellet Feeders are perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim. Use in conjunction with a short 10cm hooklength for maximum effectiveness. The plastic and lead combination allows the feeder to be cast accurately but more importantly, means that the feeder always lands the correct way up. We've spent a long time working on the bead placement and ultimately developed a recessed bead which means that the stem and bead actually sits up into the frame of the feeder. This reduces the chance of your hook tangling around the loop of your hooklength and also aids the streamlined shape of the feeder aiding both casting distance and accuracy. The ICS system allows you to quickly and easily change feeder throughout your session, simply slide the tail rubber off the stem, slide the feeder up on to the line, remove via the groove on the feeder and then replace with alternative ICS product. The ICS Pellet Feeder completes the ICS System and adds even more versatility to this extensive range of interchangable feeders and leads.
From £2.75

Guru Hybrid Pellet Feeder

With the birth of the recent Hybrid feeder, which is made using a new type of material where the weight is in the body of the feeder, rather than being a separate weight, it made it possible to produce a feeder with the correct weight to make it efficient and useable in most fishing situations. Using the new material benefits the new Mini Pellet Feeder in many ways.
From £2.75

Guru X-Change Feeder Weights Heavy x2 40g - x2 50g

Product Description Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights, The Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Weights come in two pack sizes; Light Weights, which provide you with two 20g weights and two 30g weights per pack, or Heavy Weights, which offer two 40g and two 50g weights per pack. Weighting your feeder enables you to get down to the bottom of your swim faster, engaging the interest of fish who are grubbing around there; anything you deliver in an X-Change Distance Feeder is going to be far tastier, and easier for fish to grab and snack on, than the natural grubs and other nibbles in the swim, so with some decent weights that are easy to change up, you'll definitely get bites from fish that're looking for an easy meal. In deeper water, you're likely to find more fish, who are feeling more confident about exploring new food arrivals, and therefore the deeper you can take your bait, the more chance you'll have of bringing in a match-winning haul. The feeders feature a unique twist-and-click system, allowing you to easily add and remove weights without having to change your feeder. This means you can afford to take fewer feeders out to your peg, without compromising your match potential, and is ideal for keeping your on-peg tackle light, simple, and easy-access, saving you vital seconds during a match session.

Guru X-SAFE SYSTEM Pellet Feeder

This product offers a new era of pellet feeder for use with softened feed pellets up to 4mm, plus groundbait should you wish to use it. Featuring the unique GURU X-SAFE (safe elastic) system (as with the method feeder version), this revolutionary feeder is the first elasticated feeder that is completely fish safe!
From £2.75

Guru X-SAFE System Spare Elastic

Two spare elastics (+ tubes) per pack. GSES and GSEL do not have are not fitted with guru Speed Beads. Now available Speed Stems with Speed Beads in 3 lengths and 2 strengths
From £3.25

Preston ICM Match Cube 10g

Preston ICM Match Cube, The ICM Match Cube is great for any bomb and pellet or straight lead fishing. The 10g version makes a very small plop when entering the water, very similar to the noise of a large pellet which can help attract fish. The ICM Match Cube can be interchanged with any other ICM product making them superb when clipping up before you start fishing.

Guru Hybrid Feeder Small 24gm

Guru Hybrid Feeder, With its unique design and proven results the Guru Hybrid Feeder has become a favourite among a wide range of coarse and match fishing fanatics. Guru is a brand that is famous for working closely with anglers who are experts in their fields, their ‘gurus’, in order to create innovative and highly practical tackle that really does make a difference on the bank.

Guru Multi Maggot Feeder

Guru Multi Maggot Feeder, Aerodynamic weight forward design makes casting distances easy and enables anglers to be extra accurate. Strategically placed holes for optimal bait release. Quick load lid easily clips open and closed. The low profile makes the feeder discrete and hold the bottom effectively in flow.
From £2.99

Guru X-Change Distance Feeder - Open End

The unique feature of the new X-Change feeders from Guru is the ability to change the weights on the feeders, simply by twisting to click them on and off. The weights are interchangeable with the full range of X-Change Distance feeders, offering the most versatile set of feeders on the market.
From £3.99

Guru X-CHANGE Window Feeder

Window feeders have really come to the forefront of feeder fishing in recent years across the whole of Europe. With several on the market, we’ve been keen to tweak, adapt and try to produce the most versatile and up-to-date Window Feeder, using our stable of feeder fishing experts which has heavily included Steve Ringer!
From £4.65

Guru X-SAFE SYSTEM Method Feeder 24gm

Guru X - Safe Method Feeder, Traditionally, there was no particular science to hook bait placement within the method ball and your bait could even become trapped inside or under the feeder frame. Guru has, quite literally, turned this upside down. Commercial master Steve Ringer engineered a ground-breaking hook bait platform, which sits on the opposite side of the feeder to the main weight loading, ensuring that the hook bait sits on top of the feeder cast after cast.

Guru Hybrid Feeder

Guru Hybrid Feeder, With its unique design and proven results the Guru Hybrid Feeder has become a favourite among a wide range of coarse and match fishing fanatics. Guru is a brand that is famous for working closely with anglers who are experts in their fields, their ‘gurus’, in order to create innovative and highly practical tackle that really does make a difference on the bank.
From £2.75

Guru X-PRESS Method Mould

Available in 3 sizes (inc. MINI) to suit the Guru X-Safe and In-Line Method feeders, but will work with most flat Method feeders. Ideal with groundbait or pellets
From £3.50