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Snake-Bite is probably the most successful hook-length ever developed. Revolutionary advanced super-braid encapsulated in a super tough anti-tangle coating. Removal of the coating will expose the braided core giving you a huge range of advanced presentations to choose from. Unique hinge-rigs with any hook or swivel. Multi-rigs knotless combi-links and stiff-rigs, all tied in seconds by beginner and expert alike. Snake-Bite offers superb presentation of bait whilst coating ensures tangle-free cast. Brilliant weed green or golden gravel camouflage ensures the hook-length blends in with most backgrounds. Used by hundreds of thousands and essential for all forward thinkers. The achievements of our original hybrid hook-length just go from strength to strength. Reasons for its phenomenal success are twofold. Using a complex braiding technique the world’s toughest fibre is meticulously woven to exacting surgical standards. This produces a superb high strength braided inner core that is incredibly abrasion resistant. To give the braid even more protection it then undergoes a further process by adding a hi-tech polymer coating to it. In order make the coating super tough it has to be slowly built up in layers, rather like a vaish. Twenty-four separate layers later the coating is complete. The end result is a superb anti-tangle bulletproof super braid with a bombproof coating. Should you fish weedy or snag-ridden waters where hit and hold is the golden rule or if you fish overseas Snake-Bite really should be in your tackle box.