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Carp fishing bait stops, screws and floss.

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Korda Bait Floss

Bait Floss - Floss that's perfect for tying baits on - Extra-strong and waxed - Running a lighter over the floss makes it transparent - Supplied on 50m spools Our first bait floss is the perfect addition to our chod kit. It’s absolutely perfect for tying on pop-ups of all descriptions, especially cork ballers. The floss is flat in profile, which helps it to grip the surface of even the hardest, smoothest pop-ups. Once you’ve tied the bait on, using the knot shown below, simply run a cigarette lighter flame around the floss, which will render it transparent. Each spool holds fifty metres of floss, which will last ages!

Korda Extenda Stop

The Korda hybrid bait hair stop has been designed to hold your hookbait on the hair safely and securely.
From £2.75

Korda Hair Stops

The Korda hybrid bait hair stop has been designed to hold your hookbait on the hair safely and securely.

ESP Super Floss


Guru Micro Hair Stops

These beautiful little stops have found quite a following already. They’re available in mixed packs that include brown, red and yellow stops. They’re supplied in mixed colours so that you can find one to match the bait that you’re using to help fool wary, pressured fish!

Fox Boilie Caps Clear

Key Features Discreet &buoyant bait stops Fit snugly against the curved surface of any boilie 120 Caps per pack

Fox Hair Extending Boilie Props (Small, Medium & Large) Clear

Key Features Allow for a quick change of hook baits on your rig  Supplied in 3 sizes  32 x Small  32 x Medium  16 x Large  Colour: Clear
£2.99 £2.95

Fox Anti Bore Bait Insert Clear

•These bait inserts push into your hook bait to prevent the hair eroding it during casting and retrieving. Using the serrations they can be trimmed to fit 12, 14,16 and 18mm baits. The insert does not protrude through the bottom of the bait allowing the bait to grip the hair. •10 per pack.

Fox Anti Bore Bait Inserts


Fox Boilie Props - Pink

Fox Boilie Props / Hair Pink, Perfect to pare with a pink bait.

Fox Maggot Clips - Size 12

£3.55 £2.85

Fox Maggot Clips - Size 8

£3.55 £2.85

Fox Edges Hair Widgets

Key Features Designed to attach soft hairs to any part of the hook shank Especially useful when using stiff materials 30 Per pack
£3.49 £3.25

Fox Hair Widgets

Fox EDGES Hair Widgets, Hair Widgets have been designed to attach soft hairs to any part of the hook shank. Especially useful when using stiff materials.

Korda Super Wrap - Medium

Super Wrap has been designed by Team Korda to help prevent crayfish and nuisance species damaging or stealing your hook baits. To use, simply slide your hook bait into the desired length of Super Wrap tube and shrink it down over a steaming kettle..

Korda Unwaxed Bait Floss

This unwaxed Bait Floss is ideal when tying hard baits lasso style to a Micro Ring Swivel or Rig Ring. The unwaxed coating enables the knot to be tightened down fully, making it less likely to slip when making multiple casts or using heavy leads.

Nash Hookbait Balancing Foam - Yellow 7mm

Endless rig applications including adding sight tips to boilies, converting bottom baits to pop ups using Bait Corers, balancing nuts and particle baits and making zig hookbaits. Available in 5 and 7mm in red, orange, yellow, black, white, brown and beige. Five 45mm lengths per pack.

ESP P.V.A Tape 15m

Ideal for sealing PVA Bags and keeping boilies nicely spread apart on stringers, it is also useful for tying long hairs to the hook to prevent them from tangling on the cast.

Gardner Bait Floss

This combination of characteristics is essential in a good bait floss, as it ensures that the floss grips onto smooth and hard air-dried hook baits and doesn’t ‘give’ on impact. If the floss is stretchy it could otherwise allow the meticulously prepared, rolled and dried perfectly spherical hook bait to pop out of the loop

ESP P.V.A String 20m

This special ESP blend of PVA string has an extra loose weave which allows water to penetrate between the filaments ensuring rapid meltdown without residue. These strands can be further separated into finer lengths for even faster dispersal. To cover all requirements this PVA string is available in 3 Ply which is best suited to short range and very low water temperatures. 6 Ply which is a good, all-round string for varying water temperatures capable of supporting 3-4 baits for casting up to 70 yards. And finally, 9 Ply which is extremely strong and is perfect for fishing at distance with very heavy stringers.
From £5.99

Korda Floss Caps

Floss Caps help to efficiently secure your hook bait to your chosen rig. Many of today’s most popular rigs involve tying baits on to rings or micro swivels with floss, and this can be far more fiddly than it needs to be. The Floss Cap takes all the hassle out of it, replacing your usual boilie stop – with available colours including clear, yellow and pink, so it can be matched to your bait – and once your hookbait is positioned just how you want it on the rig, you simply slide on a Floss Cap so that it sits flush, and then blob the ends of the floss with a lighter to hold everything in place. Tying baits on has never been so neat and hassle-free!
From £1.99

Fox Boilie Stops - Clear

Key Features Discreet &buoyant bait stops Fit snugly against the curved surface of any boilie Securely hold the hair in place 200 Stops per pack
From £2.75

Fox Pellet Pegs Clear

Fox Edges Pellet Pegs, available in 11mm, 13mm or 21mm & clear in colour! Ideal for the perfect hookbait presentation.
From £3.49

Fox Bait Floss 50m - Brown