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Signature Landing Net 42 inch


Solace Landing Net 42 inch


Keep the smell of a well used landing net safe from spreading to your car while on your way home from a session with this waterproof bag with drawstring closure. 115cm long and 11cm wide.
£6.99 £6.00

Leeda Extending Landing Net Handle

High quality Extra strong Aluminium landing net pole 2m in length


There’s nothing more frustrating than fishing from a jetty or high bank and not being able to net your fish. This full carbon innovative design net is the answer. It has a very compact 8 section carbon telecopic handle that extends to make a full 3m handle. Problem solved - you can net any fish however high the bank!
£74.99 £69.99

Fox Explorer 42" Landing Net


ESP Onyx Quickdraw 42inch Landing Net

The Quickdraw Twist-Lock landing net has a two piece telescopic high modulus carbon handle which retracts to 44” long (the same length as a 9’ Quickdraw rod) and extends to just over 6 foot. The twist-lock mechanism within the handle allows it to be locked at any point within its overall length, making it ideal for all round use when fully extended, or shortened down for restricted close quarters or boat work. The net comes with stiff, lightweight 42” arms and a super strong but lightweight stainless spreader block which we machine in our Oxford factory. The deep mesh is perfect for retaining fish in the margins for short periods.


Designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn, the high modulus 6' (1.8m) handle is exceptionally light and rigid, with a slim reverse taper and woven finish to match the Terry Hearn rods. Also featuring an ergonomic textured grip. This improved net has a small neatly engineered super-strong stainless

Prologic C-Series Landing Net 42" 2PCS

Strong, reliable and affordable. The new C-series landing nets offer stylish and practical solutions for every eventuality. Available with either 1 or 2 section handle options and a choice of green or black coloured fish friendly meshes to suit your style. The new ABS spreader block is fitted with a grab handle which can also be used for pegging and securing your net while you ready your mat and camera. The tapered arms offer much greater strength and rigidity while ensuring maximum control. The perfect landing nets for price conscious anglers looking for practical solutions.

Sonik S1 Landing Net 42" 1PC

LANDING NET The affordably priced S1 42” landing net from Sonik provides a highly functional and reliable net suitable for most carp fishing requirements. Soft, Olive green hexamesh net is deep enough to hold large fish with ease, whilst the no-nonsense spreader block makes it easy to engage and disengage the net in use. The strong and durable 6’ composite handle is finished in a matt black with gloss black logo area.

Sonik Vader RS Net 42" 2PC

The VADERX RS landing nets are manufactured with the same careful attention to detail as the rods. They feature slim, lightweight and strong handles. Super stiff net arms with curved end protectors are matched to a medium depth green mesh; this can be tucked into the spreader block retainer for easy manoeuvrability and quick release. With a discrete silk black finish these nets make the perfect match for the Sonik rods.

ESP Camo Net Float

Extra-long, and extremely buoyant, this is made from a tough and durable PU backed fabric. Uses EVA foam, with webbing and Velcro to secure around the spreader block. 36cm slimline design

Sonik VaderX RS Landing Net

Sonik VaderX RS Landing Net

JRC Extreme Landing Light Head Net

The Extreme Head Set can be used to equip you current landing net with the unique automatic landing light function that enables the angler to fully concentrate on landing the fish safely during the night. Designed to fit most landing nets on the market.

Leeda Rogue 42" Net And Handle

A 6ft heavy-duty pole and fish-friendly mesh of sensible depth, combined with a durable moulded spreader block both with brass threads. This specimen net and handle combo is ideal for Carp, Predator and Specimen anglers

Trakker EQ 42" Carbon Landing Net Olive

Trakker EQ Carbon Landing Net Lightweight and robust – the EQ Carbon Landing Net from Trakker is an exercise in net engineering perfection. It’s no wonder that the EQ in its name stands for equilibrium as this net is perfectly balanced and you won’t ever feel under any strain whilst you’re using it (even when you’re landing huge double figure carp). The 42 inch spreader arms are slotted into a stainless steel machined head block, ensuring that the base for this net is sturdy. After all, the spreader block is the point of the net which is likely to be under the most pressure, as it is the meeting point between the net (holding the fish which is exerting a downward pressure towards the water) and the handle (which you’re exerting an upwards pressure on in order to lift the fish from the water). This is why the spreader block on a net is often considered to be its weakest point – this isn’t the case on the Trakker EQ Carbon Landing Net. The net itself is made from mixed mesh. Meshing on a net is incredibly important, and Trakker has done everything in its power to ensure that not aspect of this net can damage the delicate scales of the fish. Wide weave on the sides of the net allows for almost uninterrupted water flow through the net, allowing you to enjoy full control of the net as you manoeuvre it under the water, yet tight meshing on the base of the net ensures that your fish is cradled carefully as you lift it from the water. The top corners of the EQ Carbon Landing Net have been reinforced, too, as this is the area of the mesh which experiences the most strain when landing your catch and the reinforcement significantly reduces the risk of the net ripping or tearing – extending the life of your net. As the name suggests, this is all topped off with a 6ft long carbon handle. The EQ Carbon Landing Net has an incredible reach, so you don’t have to worry about leaning precariously over the water to land your catch, and 6ft is generally considered the optimum handle length for most anglers fishing with a standard 12ft carp rod. Carbon is an outstandingly lightweight material, so this net is featherweight for its size and you’ll never have to worry about getting an aching arm as you hold out your net for your catch. This also makes the net very easy to transport, as you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your tackle bag. The EQ Carbon Landing Net is available in both olive and black mesh so, whether you have a modern all-black setup or you favour a traditional carpy olive, you’ll always be able to match your net to suit your look. Producing high quality tackle for the serious angler has been Trakker’s aim since it was established as Rainbow Angling Supplies in the 1980s and Trakker is committed to pushing the boundaries of tackle design possibility. A British company driven by its innovation, Trakker was born from the closure of Sheffield steel industry and has a rugged determination to live up to its incredible heritage – which it certainly does with this EQ Carbon Landing Net. The brand is most famous for its best selling luggage design, although it also produces a range of other tackle items to make life on the bankside as comfortable as possible. This includes bedchairs, bivvies, and cooking equipment – along with a whole range of landing nets to suit anglers on all budgets.

Sonik Xtractor Recon Net 42"

The XTRACTOR RECON landing net has been designed to complement our shorter retractable butt carp rods with a transport length of only 30 inches, whilst still being a full 42” size landing net. This has been achieved by both the net arms and handle having telescopic construction. The net features a stiff single telescopic 3-piece handle with fittings that are glued and pinned for ultimate reliability. The tough glass filled Nylon spreader block has a shaped cross brace for mesh retention, allowing quick net manoeuvre and smooth mesh release. Reinforced olive green 42” mesh with free-flowing hex mesh on the sides and a super soft base mesh. A generous depth of 95cm strikes a perfect balance for temporarily holding fish and moving quickly through the water.

Fox Camolite™ Net Float


ESP Green Net FLoat


Sonik Vader X Net 42" 2PC

The VADERX landing nets are manufactured with the same careful attention to detail as the rods. They feature slim, lightweight and strong handles in 1PC or 2PC variations. Super stiff net arms with curved end protectors are matched to a medium depth green mesh; this can be tucked into the spreader block retainer for easier manoeuvrability and quick release. With a discrete matt black finish these nets make the perfect match for our rods.
£49.99 £44.99