Fenix have expert lighting knowledge, combined with producing the very latest in LED technology, Fenix offer cutting-edge lighting for your fishing trips. With award-winning waterproof head torches, lanterns and accessories. Fenix has grown from strength to strength and is one of the leading headlight manufacturers on the market.

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TheFenix HL26R is a compact rechargeable head torch, specially designed for trailrunning. It has two different types of light beams. A broad(floodlight) for close range and a focused beam(spotlight) for far away. This makes the Fenix ​HL26R useful everywhere. Not only while running, but also while doing odd jobs or camping. The focused beam of the Fenix HL26R is formed by the Cree XP-G2 R5 LED. A LED that has more than proven itself as powerful, reliable and economical. The broad bundle stems from the two white Nichia LEDs. This broad bundle is especially useful when reading or inside your tent. With the two switches on top of the head torch you can choose between different beams. As such you can determine the light intensity The wide beam also offers an SOS stand for emergencies. To increase your visibility the headband is also provided with reflective parts on all sides. A nice feeling when, for example, you walk along the public road in the dark. As you may expect from a sports head torch, the Fenix HL26R is dust and watertight. This way the lamp does not suffer from rain, sweat or dust. Fenix HL26R: rechargeable head torch The HL26R draws its power from the 1600mAh Li-Po battery. You can charge this with the micro USB port on the bottom of the lamp. On a full load, it lasts(depending on the light level) for up to 100 hours. With the including micro USB cable you can charge it at any USB port. A row of blue LEDs next to the USB port indicates the current battery charge. Despite its built-in battery, the Fenix has succeeded in keeping the HL26R quite light. With just 85 grams, this is definitely one of the lightweights in its class. Especially when you compare it to the light output and burning time of its competitors. That is why we thinkg the Fenix Hl26R is very suitable for hikers. After all, the weight is low and with the two bundles, it comes in handy both when walking and in the tent.