Carp Care

Carp Care

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Korda Carp Care Kit

The Korda Carp Care Kits contains two essential products that will maintain the health and well-being of fish following a capture.

Korda Carp Care Propolis

Propolis is a natural product with antibiotic properties which can be used to treat open wounds and ulcers, as well as hook holds, lifted scales and damaged fins. 30ml bottle. Propolis is produced by honey bees to repair the hive and protect it from any harmful bacteria. It has been used in human traditional medicines for thousands of years and is popular among koi rearers.

Korda Ulcer swab

An antiseptic which can be used to clean open wounds and ulcers, preventing them from becoming infected with bacteria or fungus.

Kryston Klin-Ik Medi-Skin

KLIN-IK MEDI-SKIN - Mouth & Body The most advanced carp care recovery treatment ever developed. One shot application for mouth, fins and body. For hook holds, split fins, lesions, open wounds, recent scale loss, post spawning damage, parasitic and fungal infections. Complete carp care recovery treatment. Unique healing colloid creates water resistant barrier of artificial skin. Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Antiviral and Paraciticide agents.