Coarse Luggage

We cater for all your coarse fishing luggage needs, with the latest items to the market from the leading brands including DrennanGuru and Preston

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Guru 12 Litre Bucket

The smaller more-compact bucket for mixing and storing groundbait and pellets. Takes up less room on a bait table etc, it is perfect for smaller amounts of bait and has a measure on the side. This bucket fits perfectly inside the larger 18 litre version.

Guru EVA Fusion Net Bag MK2

Now improved, this is now much stronger and less prone to wear and tear! Can hold up to four 3-metre keepnets, plus additional landing nets, it’s also ideal for bait trays & riddles. For more space, you could use the Velcro-adjustable front pocket which is designed to hold larger side trays.

Guru Fusion 190 Float Storage

Guru now have your float protection covered with 2 x different sized float storage systems. Designed to house various lengths and shapes, these are ideal for protecting delicate wagglers! The short “Fusion Float 190” is primarily aimed at pellet wagglers. The longer “Fusion Float 350” is primarily aimed at traditional type wagglers. Made from the usual hard case wipe clean EVA material, they will match your existing Fusion luggage.

Guru Fusion 300 Bait Pro

This is a lightweight, rugged combo, consisting of two bait tubs. The smaller of the two tubs fits inside the large one for neat and easy storage. The EVA is waterproof and so can be wiped clean that the end of the session, or can be used for storing baits in water. These are ideal for pellets, or in particular soaked pellet or groundbait mixes.

Guru Fusion 350 Float Storage

Guru now have your float protection covered with 2 x different sized float storage systems. Designed to house various lengths and shapes, these are ideal for protecting delicate wagglers! The short “Fusion Float 190” is primarily aimed at pellet wagglers. The longer “Fusion Float 350” is primarily aimed at traditional type wagglers. Made from the usual hard case wipe clean EVA material, they will match your existing Fusion luggage.

Guru Fusion 400 Bait Pro

This system consists of a zip-up Fusion 400 case, to protect your bait from the elements, whether that be sun or rain. Ideal for groundbait or soaked pellets when you need to keep the consistency even. The EVA system is easy to wipe clean and perfect for storing all baits in perfect condition. The 300 also fits snugly inside the 400 for neat storage.

Guru Fusion 400 EVA Storage System

A perfect fit for the Small Rig Cases and other end-tackle items. You can store six Small Rig Cases in the Fusion 400 with ease, or even fit in three Small Rig Cases and a Rig Box, allowing you to neatly carry a mix of short and long hooklengths. The four litre capacity gives you plenty of room to carry all kinds of other tackle in the case too, such as pole pots, feeders, or spare terminal tackle. The ideal and handy box for commercial anglers. Features: water resistant lightweight and versatile strong and durable 0.8mm EVA fabric super smooth reversed zip tinted lid protects from sunlight and provides convenient view of contents

Guru Fusion 420 Long Case

The perfect storage case for holding Guru’s Large Rig Cases, or even three Small Rig Cases and a Rig Box! This storage system has an elongated shape, making it perfect for slipping into your carryall without taking up lots of room.

Guru Fusion 800 EVA Storage System

The big daddy in the fusion range! The ideal box for carrying a mixture of Large and Small Rig Cases and Rig Boxes, or are looking for a single place to neatly store multiple items. It’s also a handy storage for terminal items at home and when travelling away fishing, as the case protects from sunlight, moisture and dirt, ensuring your kit is in top condition.


Upgraded, this is an ideal waterproof system for storing a range of combination boxes and strainer, there is also a handy side pocket for smaller accessories. These can easily be stacked, making them perfect for storing onto trolleys or in vehicles. The material is now more hardwearing due to using a high-grade fabric, whilst the moulded base has also been reinforced further!

Guru Fusion Carryall

High demand has led the design team to create a much larger capacity holdall for anglers who travel with more kit, and would like to stay organised without splitting tackle across multiple luggage.

Guru Fusion Carryall (X-Large)

This item is designed to store many larger and more bulky items – primarily pole rollers! The XL Carryall holds two XL Pole Rollers (All brands present rollers fit, including Rive) with ease. There’s also ample storage for other items in there, such as pole rests and roosts, feeder arms, seatbox and side-tray legs and more.
£104.99 £99.99

Guru Fusion Catapult Bag

The ultimate catapult storage system! Designed to store all sizes of Guru catapults. It will also house spare elastics and pouches with the tinted, waterproof lid keeping everything in perfect condition, protected from damp and sunlight, which can accelerate deterioration.

Guru Fusion EVA Base Carryall MK2

A carryall designed for the modern match angler, the Guru Fusion EVA Base Carryall features a moulded, reinforced base, made from wipe clean, waterproof EVA that's designed to withstand the demands of an active angling lifestyle, and allows you to set your fully-packed carryall down anywhere you need to be, without worrying about either the bag or the contents getting damp, or risking sharp stones or wood splinters tearing through your luggage.

Guru Fusion Feeder Box

A super tough tackle box with a number of different trays and inserts allowing you to configure it to your own preference giving you multiple storage options in one. With two solid snap to shut clips holding the lid down, you can be confident these wont burst open accidentally or in transit. A water resistant seal runs along the outer rim, and the main box is fitted with a solid reliable carry handle.

Guru Fusion Feeder Box System Bag

Ideal for storing your tackle box and accessories, the latest addition to this hugely popular luggage range features a strong and durable wipe-clean material, a strong zipper and plenty of space!

Guru Fusion Mat Bag

Useful for either the safe unhooking of fish due to the soft padding, or for storing of tackle and accessories due to the zipped section! Made from high density foam, it can be folded up and carried easily. There is an additional rear storage pocket for extra accessories.
From £39.99

Guru Fusion Standard Pole Holdall

Guru standard size version of its pole holdall is designed for organising, storing, and transporting poles, rods, top kits and other accessories! This standard size is a 6-tubes plus, it's fully waterproof material is wipe clean and finished with a slick, dark, carbon effect.

Guru Large Umbrella

Guru Large Umbrella, Designing a large brolly has been quite a project, and speaking with the match team, the key thing to get right was durability. If anglers are putting a brolly up, its likely to be in adverse conditions, and needs to be up to the test! The brolly is made from Deluxe waterproof 210D material, high quality waterproofing to stand the test of time! The 8mm Fibreglass Spokes are thick and extra durable, to help the brolly remain in shape and solid in wind and bad conditions! Overall, the 50-inch brolly gives a huge 2.2m coverage, enough to give anglers room to maneuver around comfortably in the protection of the brolly, fishing effectively, while keeping them and their gear protected from the elements. The thick-walled 19mm ground spike is extra strong, resilient to bending and can be pushed into tough terrain, giving the overall brolly stability when assembled. This is accepted by all major seatbox accessories and brolly arms. In addition to this, the brolly has 4 lots of heavy-duty screw-in steel pegs and adjustable guy ropes to help stabalise and pin-down the brolly in wind. Two back peg D-rings for pegging down the back of the brolly to the ground. The detachable central pole has two screw points, for the brolly to be secured in upright and side-angled positions. Supplied with carry bag featuring reinforced base.

Guru Microfibre Towel

A hot-orange towel that’ll help you keep your hands free from a coating of groundbait and fish slime. This is an essential item when using the Speedmesh PVA because any dampness on your hands will melt your carefully tied bags.

Guru Top & Tail Rod Band

Soft and stretchy neoprene to keep your tips and butt protected and secure, whilst keeping everything together. Finished in orange and black.

Drennan Apron Towel

Drennan Apron Towel A hardwearing and highly absorbent towel with an adjustable waist clip. Size: 50cm x 80cm (20in x 31in)

Drennan Visi Box (Large)

Drennan Visi Box (Large) The Drennan Visi-Box is a really practical storage solution for all manner of accessories, baits and other fishing items. The two sizes are both made from semi-rigid EVA material which is robust, yet lightweight and durable. It is also waterproof and really easy to wipe clean. A clear, zip-up lid also allows you to easily see what’s inside. The Small Visi-Box (22 x 14.5 x 9cm) has a 2.5-litre capacity. The Large Visi-Box (29 x 21.5 x 10cm) has a 6-litre capacity. Features: Small: 22 x 14.5 x 9cm (2.5 Litre) Large: 29 x 21.5 x 10cm (6 Litre) Semi-rigid waterproof EVA material Easy to wipe clean Rounded coers Welded seams Clear, zip-up lid Compatible with 4 Part Modular Bait System

E.S.P Cool Bag (Large)