Carp Fishing Barrows

Carp Fishing Barrows

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Fox Explorer Barrow Deluxe

Based on same unique design as original Explorer barrow but with some added extras! Designed to allow anglers to fish ‘off of the barrow’ making it ideal for short-session anglers that like to keep mobile but also equally as good for anglers that need to carry those essential extras
£249.99 £224.99

Trakker X-Trail Galaxy Barrow

Barrows with balance, payload, traction, motion, stability and distance carefully considered in their design process. X-Trails Barrows pack down to manageable sizes for transportation in the smallest of cars.
£199.99 £179.99

Leeda Fold Up Trolley

Fold Up Trolley w/ Pneumatic Wheels

Trakker X-trail Compact Barrow

Space in your car or van can be at a premium, even if you cut your tackle to the absolute minimum. The Trakker X-Trail Compact Barrow goes some way to combat this problem, with its super-compact pack-down. However, get it out of your motor and it will transform into a one-trip barrow that punches well above its size and weight! Whether you consider yourself a short-session or long-session angler, or sometimes a bit of both, then the X-Trail Compact Barrow provides the versatility to cater for your changing needs.
£209.99 £199.99

Fox Explorer FX Barrow

The Fox Explorer Barrow features and extendable front barrow bag rack, which is designed to hold the Camolite Barrow Bag, which is sold separately, and keeps the barrow stable whether you're loaded up for a long campaign session or a shorter spell at the water's edge. Ergonomically shaped handles make the barrow comfortable to push, even when you're having to deal with rocky banksides and tough terrain. Made from robust, high-tensile steel, the Fox Explorer is a barrow to be proud of, and one that will deliver you and your gear to your swim in style, and without hassle. A quick release wheel can be removed easily to allow the barrow to fit in most car boots. The barrow's swivel mud feet include spiked bases, which allow the barrow to be set up on almost any terrain, giving you the ability to easily set your barrow load up beside you in your swim, making it quick and easy to get on with getting ready to fish, and giving you longer enjoying your sport, and a greater chance of success. The Explorer is supplied with two Universal Barrow Straps, which allow you to easily secure even the largest luggage load safely on the barrow. The Fox Explorer Barrow is fully compatible with all luggage in the Camolite range.
£219.99 £194.99