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Rig wallets to store all your ready made rigs

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Daiwa Sand Storm Rig Tube

Daiwa Sand Storm Rig Tube Designed exclusively for the sea angler the Sand Storm range is full of well thought features and considerations. Clear view hard rig tube (25cm long) EVA foam rig holder with pins, removable end caps and inteal storage

Daiwa Sand Storm Rig Wallet

Designed exclusively for the sea angler the Sand Storm range is full of well thought features and considerations. Velcro closure Twenty small sealable sleeves Exteal zippered mesh pocket

Daiwa Sand Storm Rig Wallet XL

Designed exclusively for the sea angler the Sand Storm range is full of well thought features and considerations. Rip pull Velcro closure Two inteal mesh pockets Five large and ten small sealable sleeves Exteal pocket with Velcro closure


IMAX OCEANIC RIG WALLET The perfect space-saving solution for storing sea fishing rigs and other components – you won’t want to be without the IMAX Oceanic rig wallets. The clear zip lock bags hold rigs separate from each other to eliminate tangles, while the two mesh pockets offer additional storage for rig components like spare hooks or leader material A full Velcro enclosure makes for easy access and enables you to close the wallet securely.
£17.99 £16.99

Shakespeare Winder Case

The Shakespeare Rig Winder case is a lightweight case that is made to carry your EVA rig winders with your prepared rigs. It’s a compact sized case that will fit easily inside a side pocket from a rucksack and helps the angler to be organized.


Ideal for keeping all of your rigs organised and protected in one place. Inside there are 20 removable plastic trace wallets plus two mesh pockets for added accessories or terminal items. There’s an extra pocket on the outside, and the whole lot is secured with a strong Velcro fastening.

Tronix Pro EVA Rig Winders, Assorted, 6.5cm

Our standard sized winder, 6.5cm in diameter but with a larger 1.8cm width. These are ideal to use for standard rigs but also for rigs with some bulk. Rigs with plenty of beads, blades, sequins, pulley rig beads and bigger hooks will all suit this type of winder. Twenty of these rig winders will fit in our Tronixpro Rig Winder boxes and they come in a wider range of colours compared to the rest of the winder range, with ten colours to choose from. This is the rig winder of choice for most anglers and is used extensively by top end match anglers and international teams.

Tronixpro Boom Rig Wallet

An innovative rig wallet that boat anglers, especially, have been crying out for, for years. This longer than standard rig wallet has been designed specifically for rigs made with booms. Ideal for storing short boomed rigs or rigs made with longer booms for flowing traces or for keeping spreader rigs stored neat and secure. The rig wallet is made from tough, water-resistant 420D Oxford Nylon material and is closed with Velcro to keep everything inside secure, with pull tabs to make it easy to access the wallet. On the back of the wallet, pockets allow for additional storage of snood lines, hooks and other accessories. Internally, there are long zip-locked pockets that are replaceable, for storing those longer boom rigs.

TronixPro Double Rig Wallet

A large rig wallet designed to carry a multitude of different rigs and accessories. Made from the same hard-wearing, water-resistant and wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material as the rest of our luggage range, the Double Rig Wallet has been designed to last. It is secured together using strong Velcro, so nothing can fall out, pull tabs make it easy to access the wallet. On the back of the wallet, there are two pockets which are ideal for storing items such as snood line, tools and other close to hand accessories. Inside the wallet on either side is a large mesh pocket which is for additional storage. The plastic zipped wallets are divided in two for maximising carrying capacity and can be easily replaced.
£21.99 £19.99

Tronixpro Match Organiser

A double-sided organiser which features two independent zipped internal pockets. One side of the organiser features five, heavy-duty rig bags which are secured in place with Velcro making them easily replaceable; these can be swapped out for other rig bags to customise the organiser for the type of session you envisage. The second side of the organiser is an empty, zipped compartment ideal for storing tools, line and other accessories. The two sides of the bag fold in and are secured together with Velcro, giving you a neat, compact tackle bag. On the front of one side of the bag is a zipped mesh pocket which is handy for storing spools of line and other close to hand. On the other side is a zipped pocket ideal for keeping packets of hooks, terminal tackle and smaller tackle items. A carry strap on the top makes it easy to lift the organiser out of a bag or rucksack. Made from a 420D Oxford Nylon material that is tough, water-resistant and wipe clean.

Tronixpro single rig wallet

Half the size of the Double Rig Wallet, this rig wallet has been designed for the angler who likes to travel light. Ideal if you’re a roving or bass angler who doesn’t need to take much kit and is using a simple selection of rigs. The wallet itself is made from a water-resistant and wipe clean 420D Oxford Nylon material which is durable and hard-wearing. The wallet is closed using surrounding Velcro to stop any contents falling out, with pull tabs to make it easy to access the wallet. On the back of the wallet, there is a full-length pocket ideal for spools of snood material and other accessories. Internally mesh pockets provide additional storage space. The rig wallets themselves are single compartments, see-through and replaceable. They are made with hard-wearing zip tabs and ensure the contents are kept dry.

Icon Small Rig Wallet


Tronixpro 24pcs Winder Case with Winders - assorted

A high capacity rig winder box designed to carry a large amount of rig winders in a secure way. The box itself features two slide over catches to make sure the box is always securely closed.
£18.99 £17.99

Tronixpro Bait Tray - Small 22 x 16 x 9cm

Open trays made from EVA ideal for organising and storing baits. The small and large trays are designed to work together, allowing you to store two smaller trays within the larger tray. Each tray is welded so bait juices won’t leak through and are durable, won’t succumb to rotting and are easy to wash and clean after use.
£6.99 £6.00

Tronixpro Bucket Cool Bag - Black

A round bag designed for our Bucket, Tray and Lid. It fits in either the top tray or in the bottom of the 27L bait bucket, it will keep bait fresh during a day’s session. The bag is round and made from a water-resistant 420D Oxford Nylon material for durability, it is slightly padded and features an inner foil lining to keep temperature when storing baits that need to be kept cool.
£13.99 £12.99

Tronixpro Mini Bakkan - 24 x 16 x 10cm

This handy, EVA accessory box can be used on its own or as part of the wider EVA Luggage range. Four of these boxes will fit into the EVA Bakkan so you can keep your gear organised, secure and dry. The box itself is made out of the same hard-wearing EVA material used in the rest of the range which is easy to clean and won’t rot like some other materials in saltwater.

Icon Cool Bag


Tronixpro Soft Bakkan - 41 x 27 x 20cm

Made from EVA, this is an extremely light and durable large capacity bag. Made from a waterproof material with welded seams to make sure the gear you place inside is kept try. EVA is the ideal material to make saltwater luggage from, it is hard-wearing, easy to clean and won’t rot as some fabrics can over time. The clear lid has a quality, hard-wearing two-way zip that goes around most of the bag which allows it to open fully so you can see all the contents of the bag with ease.
£19.99 £17.99

Leeda 10 Compartment Tackle Box


Savage Gear Lurebox 6B Smoke 36X22.5X5CM

£11.99 £10.99

Savage Gear Lurebox 6D Smoke 36X22.5X5CM

£12.99 £9.99

Tronix Pro Full Winder Box, contains 20 winders

Tronixpro Rig Winder Boxes have been made exclusive for Tronixpro since the introduction of the Tronixpro Rig Winder Case. They have been made to our exact requirements to perfectly fit our rig winders in the optimum configuration. Special attention was paid to the width and height of the box to allow easy removal of each rig winder. Each box is made from a tough and durable clear plastic for easy identification of what is inside. Comes complete with 20 mixed colour rig winders.