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Veniards French Partridge 2g

French Partridge Hackles are a wonderful barred feather from just below the wing and are well known to fly tiers. Available in packets of natural or dyed colours.
From £2.50

Turrall Indian Cock Necks

Complete necks will prove an economical buy for tyers making larger quantities of flies.
From £7.00

Turrall Ostrich Feather

From £1.35

Turrall Duck Quills

Segments of Duck Quills are used for wings of Wet and Dry flies and wing cases on Nymphs. Fibres from a Duck quill may also be used to tie bodies.
From £1.30

Turrall Indian Hen Necks

The Turrall Hen Neck is good value for money for anyone who requires a large amount of Indian Hen feathers. The feathers are most commonly used on Trout wet flies and Nymphs. The Hen neck feathers are slightly stiff but are generally soft and are most commonly used for hackle collars due to giving a natural effect. The Hen neck feathers are very versatile and can be found on a wide variety of flies for different purposes, many of the hen neck feathers are used as substitute feathers. The Turrall Hen Neck is great value for money, measuring approximately 15cm in length x 8.5cm in width and provides a large amount of feathers that you can use for fly tying.
From £4.75

Veniard Mallard Drake Grey Flank Large

Mallard Duck used traditionally for spent mayfly wings and tails or back of small fish and fry imitation as Missionary and Appetiser fly patterns.

Veniard Cul De Canard 1g

Available in a variety of colours these are bulk 1 gram bags of fantastic feathers for tying a range of emerging patterns, wings, yellow-owls, and huge variety of CDC patterns. Helps keep your flies sitting just in the surface film. False casting will shake off excess water.
From £6.50

Veniard Turkey Marabou Feathers

High quality marabou from Veniards. The most popular fly tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to still water, for virtually every species that a fly is cast for and in all parts of the world.
From £1.50

Semperfli Inferno Goose Biots Flame Dual Colour Red & Yellow


Semperfli Synthetic Jungle Cock Natural 30mm Large


Semperfli Synthetic Jungle Cock 10mm Extra Small Hot Orange


Turell Golden Pheasant Whole Wing

Ideal for bulk tying flies.

Veniard Teal Flank 2g

Veniard Teal Duck Flank Feathers. Strong black and white barring, Used as a wing on both trout and salmon flies including the Peter Ross and Teal Blue and Silver.

Veniard Peacock Eye Tops Natural

Cut eye top with herl. The herl from the eye on these feathers is traditionally used on the Beauly Snow Fly; the herl can be used on numerous bodies. Also used for quill bodies. 2 per pack.

Semperfli Synthetic Jungle Cock Natural 24mm Medium


Semperfli Synthetic Jungle Cock 10mm Extra Small Purple