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Fox Halo Power - 96K

Choose from two bankside power sources that you can rely on! Capable of charging your mobile, laptop or tablet, there is plenty of technology underneath the hood to last the whole of your fishing trip!
£234.99 £209.99

Fox Halo Power - 48K

Perfect source of on the bank power for the carp fishing enthusiast who needs to charge a variety of electrical goods. Utilises LiFePo4 battery cells, which are more suited for outdoor use than Li-Polymer, ensuring a more consistent and reliable power source in colder temperatures.
£159.99 £149.99

Fox Halo 27K Wireless Power Pack

A compact lightweight bankside Halo power bank that now boasts wireless charging as well as two standard, and one USB-C option. With its compact size, and weighing in at just over 500g they make an ideal choice for keeping your devices and accessories topped up when you’re out on the bank. Capable of charging an IPhone 12 or similar up to 6 times from empty. The charger included will take it from fully empty to maximum charge in just 6hrs.
£99.99 £94.99

Gardner Camera Adaptor

Converts a bankstick or tripod into a simple photographic stand. Ideal for those tricky self-take shots...Solid Brass will not rust, Fits any bankstick or tripod and Fits any camera (including Digital cameras).

The Carp Porter barrow & bivvy light

The Carp Porter barrow & bivvy light has class leading features, with three white and green LED lamp settings, along with torch feature and remote control.