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TFT LTD Mucilin Quick Sink

£1.99 £1.90

TFT LTD Mucilin Silicone


Dick Walker's Ledasink


Glink Floatant


Xink Sinkant


Leeda Profil Priest

The profil range has been designed to offer maximum performance and value for money to todays trout fisherman. The profil priest features an anti slip EVA grip handle with wrist landyard, a weather resistance aluminium shaft and chromed steel head. this product offers a perfect mix of style and power to despatch your catch.
£12.99 £10.99

Forceps Curved 7 inch

Forceps Curved 7 inch

Berkley URBN Measure Mat

Measure your catches safely on the URBN measure mat! Easy to roll up, to clean and to pack down for ease of transport. Fish up to 100cm can be precisely measured due to the 0.5cm marks.
£13.99 £11.99

Fulling Mill Strike Indicators

The Fulling Mill Adhesive Strike Indicators are lightweight, super visible and are extremely easy to attach. Simply remove either a small or large indicator from the sheet, peel off the back and attach to your leader. Available in the new super bright, Hot Pink and Yellow.
From £3.50

Fulling Mill Bung Pack Medium

The drop back bung completely revolutionises small stillwater indicator fishing particularly on challenging days with light winds & pressured fish. At times an increase in hittable takes in the region of 40-60% over standard indicators, is possible.

Shakespeare Sigma Trout Priests

Designed to despatch your catch quickly and humanely avoiding unnecessary further distress. Solid metal construction with a comfortable EVA handle.

Greys Magnetic Clip - 3kg

Never lose your net in the water again with the Greys Magnetic Clip, designed to create the ideal link between your landing net and you. Constructed with precision, the Greys Magnetic Clip features a machine-cut aluminium body that stands up to the harshest fishing conditions. This means it can handle the wear and tear of your angling adventures, season after season.

Hunt's Original Down Low

Down Low is a 100% water based sinkant, perfect for those hard to sink wet flies. By working this unique formula into the fibres of your fly it provides a coating which cuts through the surface tension of the water, putting your flies where you need them.

Hunt's Original Fluff Dust

Remove and your fly will now be coated in powder and ready to fish. Remove any excess by either blowing on the fly or with a few false casts.

Hunts Original Mud

Take the shine off your line with Hunt's Original Mud! Created by using a blend of natural ingredients, this environmentally friendly product is the ultimate degreasant for your tippet.
£5.00 £4.25

Hunt's Original Powder Floatant

Hunt's Original Floatant is a soft powder that will keep CDC flies afloat for longer by providing a protective barrier that works in even the toughest of conditions. To revive flies, simply work the powder into the body and wings of your fly with the easy to use applicator brush provided.

Hunt's Original Slime & Grime

Hunt's Original Slime & Grime is a tub that contains thousands of super absorbent beads that soak up moisture from your fly patterns, but the will not stick to the fly. It is the perfect solution for removing fish slime from your favourite fly. The beads are non toxic and will turn from orange to clear when they run out of life.

Hunts Original Up High Gel Floatant

Up High Gel Floatant is Hunts Original first offering of gel floatant to the world. Containing the finest ingredients to keep your fly 'up-high' and afloat longer. This gel is silky-smooth and offers great performance even in harsh conditions. This gel can be used across a variety of dry flies and will not clog hackles or leave a slick/trace on the waters surface and it can be used on CdC's!

Fulling Mill High Glide

The FM High Glide is a floatant and desiccant that cleans, dries and waterproofs your flies in one easy step. Simply open the lid and drop your fly into the top, close, shake well and the water soluble powder will absorb excess water and apply floatant to keep your fly floating better, higher and longer.
£8.00 £6.20

Fulling Mill Mud

The ultimate degreasing agent to help your tippet sink and prevent leader flash. Mixed in house at Fulling Mill to a unique formula, this is a 'must have' product for any fresh water fly fisher.
£3.99 £3.39

TFT LTD Mucilin


Hardy Line Snips

High quality, heat-treated stainless steel snips hand-finished with a razor sharp edge that can be resharpened, and enclosed eye pin for clearing hook eyes.

Leeda Fly Float Spray

Leeda Fly Float Spray. Dresses dry flies instantly

Abu Garcia Smoker Sawdust

For almost 50 years the Abu-smoker has been a quick and easy way to good fish dishes. It's made of enameled steel, with drip plate, smoke grill and lighter fluid container. It's also available in a larger variation, in stainless steel. Twice as big, just as simple. The smoke dust is made especially for the Abu smoke and gives a unique flavor to the fish. Enough for about 50 smoking.
£10.99 £8.99