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Korda Arma Kord 30lb Sub Brown

Arma-Kord - THE original braided leader - Super abrasion resistant - Supplied on 20m spools - 30lb and 50lb versions available - Length: 20m Arma-Kord is an incredibly abrasion resistant braided line, which is also supple and relatively thin for its breaking strain. It has been designed as a high-performance snag or shock leader for extreme snag fishing or long-range work. In tests this braid proved at least 50% more abrasion resistant than the nearest competitor. Its thinner diameter and low-viz brown colour also make it far less detectable underwater.

Korda Arma Kord Sinking Leader, Weight: 50lb


Korda Arma-Kord Sinking 30LB

Put simply, this is the sinking version of our all-conquering Arma-kord leader material. Arma-kord has rightly developed a great reputation for reliability and the addition of this sinking version will simply cement its place at the very top of the tree. Reach for this on demanding waters where snags make a solid snag leader essential.

Korda Dark Matter Coated Hooklink

Dark Matter Tungsten Hooklink Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies we’ve been able to add tungsten granules into the coating of the Dark Matter Coated Braid. This ensures the hook link sinks quickly and remains pinned down on the lake bed. Dark Matter Coated Braid has a semi-stiffness and is perfect to create a variety of modern rigs. During the intensive testing period consultants have been using it in the most demanding situations and caught fish of near record sizes whilst having complete confidence in their hook link.
From £13.99

Korda Dark Matter Drop Off Inline Leaders 30cm

Korda Dark Matter Drop Off Inline Leaders The Dark Matter Drop Off Inline Leaders provides maximum abrasion resistance with excellent camouflage and sinking properties to hide your end tackle from wary fish. The size 8 ring swivel will fit neatly inside a Korda Inline Lead, creating the perfect drop off lead system. A great way to “dump the lead” when the fishing situation requires it, for example in heavy weed. This simple but effective set up is attached to your mainline via your preferred knot and requires no additional splicing/loop tying. Korda's Dark Matter leaders have tungsten impregnated collars to ensure the leader lays flat to the lake bed, they also have a tested 30lb breaking strain.
From £5.49

Korda Dark Matter Hooklink

From £14.99

Korda Dark Matter Leader QC Hybrid Clip

From £6.65

Korda Hybrid Lead Clip Leadcore Leader Gravel

The Ring Swivel leaders have been designed for use with inline leads and the lead clip versions feature the new lead clips, which can be used semi-fixed or running and with lead clips or Kwik Links. You get three leaders per pack. Both versions are 1m long and are tied from our 50lb Kable camouflaged leadcore.


A great multi-purpose braid with a removeable outer coating ideal for fishing over clean lakebeds, or those with sparse weed. 15m per spool.

Korda Hybrid Stiff 20lb Weed Green

Hybrid Stiff Hybrid Stiff is THE coated hook link for use over clean lake beds. Its super-stiff, camouflaged coating helps kick your hook bait away from the lead every cast, to ensure perfect presentation. As such, its perfect for use with light baits such as pop-ups or wafters. The two versions, weedy green and gravel brown, have been chosen to blend with most lake bed conditions.


The Korda Kable Leadcore is relatively thin, especially considering its breaking strain, and it is remarkably supple. This ensures that it will cling to the contours of your chosen venue, further aiding with the line’s invisibility. The Kable is also easy to splice, allowing you to achieve a secure loop for ultra-strong rig construction. If you’re an angler who targets intelligent carp who know their hookbaits from their freebies then this is the perfect leadcore to use, as it melts into the lake bed for an ultra stealthy approach to angling.
From £7.99

Korda Leadcore x3 Heli Leader 1M Gravel Brown

The Korda Heli Leadcore Leaders are available in either weed or gravel and have 3 leaders per pack. The leaders enable you to present your rig Helicopter Style which is excellent particularly when fishing over silty or weedy lake beds.

Korda Leader Safe Small

Korda Leader Safe The Korda Leader Safe is a compact and tangle-free storage system for up to three complete leaders in the small model and six complete leaders in the large model. It accommodates lead clips and Heli-Safe systems and is designed to fit perfectly in the Korda Tackle Box when the sleeve is removed. The removable sleeve protects your leaders when stored outside the Tackle Box


The second addition to the N-Trap range is slightly stiffer than the N-Trap Soft that has been so popular since its release. The stiffer coating that Semi Stiff boasts is still easily strippable, making it easier than ever to produce top-notch bottom-bait and pop-up presentations. It is available in Weed Green, Silt and Gravel and in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions, to cover all UK and Worldwide situations.
From £13.99


Korda Supernatural Braid, It was about time that we released a supple braided material and finally we have bring in the Supernatural. This is a finely woven braid thats mega supple and ultra strong. It will therefore appeal to all you solid PVA bag anglers that like to fish over soft lake beds; such as in weed or over chod. Due to the suppleness, the Supernatural will gently rest over the contours of the lake bed laying flat and out of the carps way.
From £11.75

Fox Edges Camo Submerge Lead Free Woven Leader 30lb

Key Features Lead-free Leader Material That Features a Unique Fleck Camo Pattern to Perfectly Blend into all Lakebeds Incredibly Subtle and Sinks Like a Brick Hugging the Contours of the Lakebed Easy to Splice (use the Yellow Edges Needle for the 40lb and 50lb and the Blue Edges Needle for the 30lb - Alternatively the Edges Easy Splice Needle is Perfect for all Breaking Strains) Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb 10m per spool

Fox Camo Submerge Lead Free Woven Leader 40lb

Fox Braided Leader Line for Carp Fishing • Colour as picture: camouflage, very suitable for different water floors. • Lead-free lead material, easy to splice. • Very soft, yet quickly sinking, so that the cord adapts to the contours of the water • Box contents: 10 m braided leader line with selected load capacity.

ESP Zig & Floater Mono 100m

ESP Zig & Floater Mono, This clear, semi-buoyant mono is ideal as a hook link for zig rig and floater fishing applications. Featuring a fine diameter to knot strength ratio, it is tough and durable and has just the right amount of stretch to make it perfect for combining with smaller hooks. ESP Zig & Floater mono knots well and although the breaking strain is not underrated, optimum knot strength can be achieved with a carefully tied five turn grinner or palomar. Available on 100m spools and in the following sizes: 8lb (3.63kg) 0.23mm 10lb (4.54kg) 0.26mm 12lb (5.45kg) 0.28mm
From £4.95

ESP Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon 20m

ESP Soft Ghost, Now even softer with more stretch, ESP Soft Ghost is an excellent hooklink or leader material particularly for wary carp in clear water. Being a pure fluorocarbon with the same light refractive index as water it is virtually invisible. A specific gravity of 1.78 makes it denser than water so rigs sink quickly and lie tight to the bottom. For maximum knot strength at the swivel end we recommend a 5 turn grinner or palomar and to attach the hook, a knotless knot or domhoff whipping knot.
From £7.95

Korda Dark Matter Leader Hybrid

Korda Dark Matter Leader Hybrid Lead Clip, Fused plastic leaders that have been tinted to precisely match the lake bed. They feature two tungsten bands along their length, which help to pin your tackle to the lake bed in the area of your rig. There are three types of leader available: ring swivel, Hybrid Lead Clip and Helicopter. Each leader is available in weedy green, gravel brown, clay and slit colours as well as clear. They are extremely robust too, with a breaking strain of 30lb.
From £6.50

ESP Anchor Braid 10m

ESP Anchor Braid, ESP has made an Anchor Braid which is extra dense and heavyweight designed to sink fast without the need for tungsten putty. Super supple and limp, it hugs the bottom following contours and undulations. This blend of high-tech fibres also provides excellent knot strength. 15LB and 20LB are available in low key weed green and gravel brown, Anchor Braid is a definite edge when fishing for pressured rig-shy carp.
From £6.25

ESP Leadcore Leaders Lead Clip Rigs 1.5m

Leadcore is highly abrasion resistant, extremely supple and leaders are spliced at both ends to give a streamlined joint with maximum breaking strain. The 1.5m leaders are ideal for short to medium range up to 60m where the extra length helps to keep more of the terminal tackle firmly anchored along the bottom.
From £6.25

ESP Camo Sink Link 10m

ESP Camo Sink Link, ESP Camo Sink Link is a super strong, soft un-coated braided hook link material which takes camouflage to the next level. Tightly woven with a silky smooth feel and featuring alternating tones of colour which act to break up the outline of the hook link making it really inconspicuous, this provides a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp in clear water. Although dyneema based for maximum strength, the special combination of interwoven fibres makes this braid sink heavily and its suppleness ensures it hugs the contours of the lake bed. Perfect for a variety of presentations such as stiff / soft or reverse combi rigs when used in conjunction with a stiffer material such as Ghost fluorocarbon or for simple braided bottom bait rigs, especially on waters where stiffer materials may be treated with suspicion or for stalking at close quarters. Available in two colour ranges, camo brown and green which blends in perfectly over weed and 3 tone brown which is virtually invisible over gravel, in 15lb, 20lb and 25lb on handy little 10m spools.
From £4.95

ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament 20m

The Stiff Rig relies on a rigid hooklink to stand the bait off a fixed distance from the lead. The rigidity of the rig improves the effectiveness of the bolt rig system and provides a more efficient self-hooking mechanism. ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament is a low visibility, clear, filament with exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance. However, its key property is that once smoothed out and tensioned into a straight length it has an almost 'spring loaded' quality which provides the ultimate stiff rig material. It is also the perfect material for chod rigs and the hook section on a hinge rig, where the filament can be set into the perfect curve for optimum hooking efficiency.
From £5.95