The world-famous Dexter Wedge is one of the most versatile fishing lures on the market. An exceptionally strong, long casting lure with an irresistible wobbling action given by its unique shape and design. The wedge was designed as a casting lure for use in either salt or fresh water conditions and is highly attractive to many species of all sizes. Alternatively, Dexter Wedges can be fished as a jigging lure or substituted for a lead in wrecking situations to offer an extra chance of a bite when working feathers, lures or Hokkai rigs in deep water. The Dexter Wedge features a highly reflective sticker which changes colour as it moves through the water attracting many species to the lure. Dexter Wedges have been handcrafted and assembled in North Wales for almost 50 years from the finest components. Chromed solid brass blades with stainless steel split rings and Eagle Claw hooks ensure this lure is a must have for all anglers.

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