ESP Mini Butt Grips

Available in three sizes, each designed for a different style of handle, these Mini Butt Grips give a strong, secure hold when you set your rod down, yet release easily, so that your session feels smooth and seamless right the way through. The small butt grip works well with abbreviated handles, such as those on the Nash Dwarf Rods, the medium grip is intended for use with shrink rubber handled rods, while anglers using a rod with a cork or duplon handle should go for the large butt grip. Stainless steel threads, on CNC overmoulded plastic heads, provide a strong, durable bankside essential, which offers a neat, minimalist look, whilst more than standing up to the demands of an active angling session. Using a butt grip protects your rod handle from damage on the bank, and also creates a smart presentation on those occasions where you’re not going to be out long enough to merit taking a rod pod with you.
Manufacturer: E.S.P.
  • Stainless steel threads
  • Made on CNC machines in the UK
  • Over moulded in a plastics factory
  • Neat and minimal
  • Yet provide a vice like grip
  • Prevent rod movement
  • Release easily when the rod is picked up
  • Small – For abbreviated handles
  • Medium – For shrink rubber handles
  • Large – For duplon and cork handles
ESP Mini Butt Grip Small Abbreviated
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ESP Mini Butt Grip Medium Shrink Rubber
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ESP Mini Butt Grip Large Duplon/Cork
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