Imax Storm Safe Beach Shelter V2

Imax Storm Safe beach shelter V2 maintains the classic domed beach shelter shape of the original model but with a number of improvements. The lightweight but strong aluminium frame now has cam lock adjustable legs which help to get the transport length down to a very reasonable 145cm. The skirt has also been extended to 40cm allowing you to pile on extra shingle for increased stability The classic domed design is proven to protect you from wind and rain. It is a very stable shelter which with a bit of practice is easy to erect, even in adverse conditions. The shelter is secured by piling sand or shingle onto the larger skirt and once properly erected it is stable in even the worst conditions. The Storm Safe has ample space for an angler and all his gear and you can even get two of you inside providing you do not mind a bit of a squeeze! There are roll up doors at the front and these have been designed to give even greater protection should you need it. The grey and orange Imax colours look very smart and give the Storm Safe a distinctive look on the beach. Size - 220 x 150 x 150cm
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Manufacturer: Imax
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The Imax Competition Beach shelter v2 is one of the best beach fishing shelters on the market. This Imax beach buddy is verion 2 (V2)

  • New and improved design
  • Classic domed beach shelter
  • Tried and tested design
  • Easy to assemble lightweight shelter
  • Wide front opening for easy access
  • Ample headroom when sat on your box
  • Keeps out the wind and rain
  • Makes a comfortable base camp
  • Strong lightweight aluminium frame and block
  • Larger 40cm shingle skirt
  • Cam lock adjustable legs
  • New shorter pack down length
  • Roll up doors for extra protection
  • Supplied with nylon carry bag
  • Size 220 x 150 x 150cm
  • Transport length - 145cm
  • Weight - 3.5kg

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