Fox Rage Stack 'N' Store Lure Box Deep (Full Compartment)

Fox Rage Stack And Store Boxes The dedicated angler knows just how important it is to be organised. On the bank, organisation allows you to be able to respond to the changing angling situation at a moments notice. Off the bank, organisation ensures that you can prepare for every session with confidence. We’d hate to count the amount of times we’ve turned up on the bank without a vital bit of kit, or else ordered a brand new version of a product we’ve lost due to sloppy organisation. A good quality tackle box, manufactured by a company that really understands the needs of anglers, really does have the power to transform your angling – saving you time on and off the bank and allowing you more time to do the thing you love.
Manufacturer: Fox
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Key Features

  • Made from extremely durable plastic
  • Adjustable individual compartments
  • Separately removable cover and closure
  • Plasticiser-resistant
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