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Veniard No1 Straight Scissors

Sharp, precision-made, well balanced, and comfortable in your hand.
£4.99 £4.50

Veniard Scissors No. 2 Curved Blade

Veniard Scissors No. 2 Curved Blade
£4.99 £4.50

Veniard Starter Fly Tying Tool Kit

Ideal beginners kit - decent tools at a budget price. When you start tying you don't know which tools really suit you - so start with this kit. By the time each tool eventually wears out you will know exactly what you want and then you can slowly replace these as required to build up a top quality kit
£10.99 £9.99

Veniard Beginners Tool Kit

Veniard Beginners Tool Kit & Vice - A starter kit of fly tying tools to suit any beginner. This would be a great compliment to the beginners guide to fly tying book and materials pack sold separately.
£19.99 £18.99

Veniard Krystal Flash

From £3.99

Veniards French Partridge 2g

French Partridge Hackles are a wonderful barred feather from just below the wing and are well known to fly tiers. Available in packets of natural or dyed colours.
From £2.50

Veniard Teal Flank 2g

Veniard Teal Duck Flank Feathers. Strong black and white barring, Used as a wing on both trout and salmon flies including the Peter Ross and Teal Blue and Silver.

Veniard Osprey 25 Nymph Hooks

These Osprey Dry Fly/down eye hooks feature a Standard wire, 1x long shank, round bend, light bronze.
From £2.50

Veniard Osprey 25 Dry Fly Barbless Hooks

The Veniard Osprey VH151 Dry Fly Hook has a down eye, 1x long shank and a round bend on forged standard wire which makes it ideal for dry and nymph patterns.
From £2.20

Veniard Osprey 25 Barbless Heavyweight Grubs

The Veniard Osprey VH151 Grub Heavyweight Hook has a down eye, 1x short shank and a continuois bend on forged 1x strong wire which makes it ideal for grub and scud or shrimp patterns.
From £2.20

Veniard Peacock Eye Tops Natural

Cut eye top with herl. The herl from the eye on these feathers is traditionally used on the Beauly Snow Fly; the herl can be used on numerous bodies. Also used for quill bodies. 2 per pack.

Veniard Mallard Drake Grey Flank Large

Mallard Duck used traditionally for spent mayfly wings and tails or back of small fish and fry imitation as Missionary and Appetiser fly patterns.

Veniard Cul De Canard 1g

Available in a variety of colours these are bulk 1 gram bags of fantastic feathers for tying a range of emerging patterns, wings, yellow-owls, and huge variety of CDC patterns. Helps keep your flies sitting just in the surface film. False casting will shake off excess water.
From £6.50

Veniard Arctic Fox Tails

The Arctic Fox Tail is white in colour and yields hair averaging 2″ – 2 1/2″ in length. It is soft and supple and the perfect material for fly tails and when used in dubbing loops. Arctic Fox tails have few guard hairs and the tail fur is fine in diameter. This makes a lively fly tail with minimal bulk and maximum movement.
From £4.50

Veniard Turkey Marabou Feathers

High quality marabou from Veniards. The most popular fly tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to still water, for virtually every species that a fly is cast for and in all parts of the world.
From £1.50

Veniards Short&Fine Deer Hair

Soft tanned short and fine deer hair, ideal for small flies such as Compara duns, Hoppers, Muddlers, Humpies and crickets
From £4.20

Veniard Uni Thread

6/0 UNI-Thread is a general fly-tying thread of continuous polyester filaments.
From £1.99

Veniard Lead Wire Medium

Veniards Lead Wire is great for adding extra weight to your flies.

Veniard Tungsten Countersunk Beads

Heavy Tungsten beads for fly tying.
From £4.99

Veniard Hackle Guard

Handy hackle guard keeps your hackles safely out of the way while you continue to work on the fly. Especially handy for keeping varnish and cement out fo your hackle fibres. The stem features a range of slots for different sized flies and hackles.

Veniard Easy Grip Hackle Pliers

Veniard Easy Grip Hackle Pliers are comfortable and will grip the smallest of hackles with ease.

Veniard Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

Veniard Prepared Fly-Tyers Wax is produced in house by Veniard to their original recipe. Drawn across thread before tying will help keep all materials tight and secure. As used by Davy Mcphail.

Veniard Fly Tying Material Pack

Contents of kit may vary slightly due to availability. Contents: Polypropylene Yarn Cock Hackles Pheasant Tail Krystal Flash 3x 6/0 Threads Genetic Hackles Gold Beads Hare’s Fur Buck Tail Elk Hair Muskrat Fur Duck Tails Seal’s Fur Peacock Eye Feather Mixed Suede Chenille A range of 24 Hooks C.D.C. Feathers 6x Tinsels, Wire & Floss Turkey Marabou Plumes Golden Pheasant Tippet Feathers

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder

Perfect for holding spools of bobbin thread when you are fly tying is the Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder. This highly useful holder features a full length tube for feeding through your thread and is easy to work with. The spigot bobbin holder is used by placing your chosen bobbin thread spool in between the two feet to gently clamp the spool. The feet have a good amount of tension between them to help fully secure your spool in place for use. Once your spool is locked in between the feet, you can then feed the thread through the tube, ready for you to tie your fly. The tube includes flared ends to prevent the thread from fraying or cutting when you are using it. During use, the spool will gently rotate in between the feet and provide you with the thread you need. The Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder is incredibly handy and is an essential tool for fly tying. This bobbin holder is approximately 4.5 inches in length and is silver in colour.