Sticky Baits Krill Powder

Sticky Baits Krill Powder
GTIN: 5060333110550
Manufacturer: Sticky Baits
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Key Features

  • Pure, premium quality krill meal
  • Very strong smelling, it makes a fantastic addition to paste
  • PVA bags, groundbaits, base mix and spod mixes
  • Quite buoyant, which helps to keep the swim active
  • Being so light makes this an excellent addition to a PVA bag mix
  • Will help create a slow-sinking presentation
  • Potent powder as an addition to any avid floater fishing armoury
  • Fish simply go wild for the stuff making it a top selling product
  • Its appeal to all species by its use as a devastating perch attractor
  • Definitely a worthwhile addition to any all-rounders tackle bag
  • Supplied in 750g bags