Designed to provide the perfect performance for seabass lures our 100% fluorocarbon Semi-Soft Seabass Leader offers you the optimum blend between softness and tough abrasion resistance. The leader is soft enough to allow for delicate presentation while being tough enough to resist getting damaged on rocks. It is at its best when fished with topwater lures, softlures, jerkbaits and pencils and has an incredible hook set ratio that will help you land even poorly hooked fish.
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Manufacturer: Savage Gear
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• 100% fluorocarbon
• Invisible in water
• Perfect blend of softness and abrasion resistance
• High knot strength
• UV and chemical resistant
• Shock absorbent
• Specialised for seabass fishing

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The SF125 casts like an arrow due to its internal weight shifting system. It does not have the traditional protruding diving vane instead having a sloped front which gives it a really natural appearance without additional casting resistance. When retrieved the lure will dive to around 1 foot, however raise your rod and crank slowly and the lure will sit just beneath the surface film and roll tightly back and forth. When stopped it will sit almost vertical in the water. The great thing about the Komomo SF125 is that by raising the rod tip it can be made to work hard just below the surface. This can prove to be a killer when bass are right on the surface but refusing, or failing, to take traditional poppers. A real shallow water killer! IMA Komomo SF-125 - One of the ultimate ultra-shallow lures out there. A lure like this with a cut face tends to swim with an exaggerated head-shaking action that really turns bass on in shallow to medium depth water. It is often worth turning to a lure like the IMA Komomo SF-125 when the bass don't want to hit a surface lure - something that swims just sub-surface creates a great silhouette. Although this lure works very well in really shallow water, don't discount it for deeper water where that silhouette effect often brings bass up for the kill. The best way to work this lure and create the most pronounced head-shaking action is to cast it out and simply retrieve it at a slow to medium pace, but make sure to get your rod tip up at a roughly 45 degree angle to force it up even shallower and help impart more action on the lure. An ultra-shallow lure like this is better suited to calmer conditions as a rougher sea tends to knock it off balance. The Counter weighing slightly more will also "dig in" and work slightly deeper at 30-40cm Length : 125mm Weight : 16g Action : Floating