Savage Gear Seeker ISP Green Silver 98mm 23g

Specifically designed for extreme distance casting, especially good in windy conditions. A deadly lure for shore fishing for Bass, Pollack & Mackerel. The blade design allows them to swim very lively and erratic, with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the slightest spin stop which creates an incredible flash in the water. Featuring ISP = Intense Strike Point which draws the fish right on to the tail section where the hook is - ensuring a superb hookup rate.
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GTIN: 5706301553485
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
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  • Long casting metal lure
  • Made from a tough Zink Alloy
  • Tail weighted design for long true casts
  • Unique blade design gives an eratic action
  • Flutters on the drop
  • Fitted with a Y Treble
  • Through wired for added strength
  • UV and luminious strike point for oncreased hook ups
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