Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil SW 12.5cm 19g

The Sandeel Pencil is supplied with the perfect bass hooks and practical treble hook protector. 5 colours in the range, providing options for all different marks and lighting conditions.
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Picture of Sinking Black Pearl
Sinking Black Pearl
Availability: 6 in stock
SKU: 72299
GTIN: 5706301722997
Picture of Sinking Sayoris
Sinking Sayoris
Availability: 7 in stock
SKU: 72302
GTIN: 5706301723024
Picture of Sinking Matte White
Sinking Matte White
Availability: 9 in stock
SKU: 72298
GTIN: 5706301722980
Picture of Sinking Lemon Back
Sinking Lemon Back
Availability: 2 in stock
SKU: 72300
GTIN: 5706301723000
Picture of Sinking Cotton Candy
Sinking Cotton Candy
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: 72301
GTIN: 5706301723017
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