Rovex Extreme Surf Combo 12' Combo 3pc

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Manufacturer: Rovex
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The Rovex Extreme Surf Combos feature eye-catching colourful rods and reels to attract new anglers to the world of saltwater fishing. All the Extreme Surf Combos feature high quality rod blanks, components and reels. The Extreme Surf Combos have been combined in the correct rod lengths and reel sizes for ease of choice by the customer and to create an eye-catching display for the retailer.

The range covers all styles of saltwater fishing so it’s easy to point a new angler towards the combos in store to make their decision, this can be based upon the style of fishing they are planning, or just their favourite colour. All the combos include a rod, reel, and line so starting fishing or kitting out new anglers has never been easier.

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