RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter (Small)

Chopped boilie is a favourite among carp anglers, a handful of chopped boilie over the top of your hookbait behaves very differently to whole boilie, the irregular shape of them results in the chopped boilie fluttering down through the water column, making them irresistible to any passing carp. Unlike whole boilie that will settle on the lake bed, chopped boilie will settle on top of any weed that you’re fishing over and thanks to its exposed interior the particles within the chopped boilie will breakdown quicker and act as a further attractant, keeping the carp nosing around in your swim for longer. However, chopping boilies up on the bank can be time consuming and tedious, in an age, where we have a gadget to aid every aspect of our fishing, it seems unnecessary. Thankfully, the tackle experts at RidgeMonkey are ahead of the game, the brand have just introduced the RidgeMonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter, the first purpose-built boilie cutter on the market. The Choppa pioneers a simple but effective hardwearing, two-piece design; simply pull out the insert and fill with boilies, place the insert back inside the main chamber where the stainless steel blades are safely housed, chop the boilies and simply open the base of the main chamber and watch your perfectly chopped boilies pour out into your bait box or boilie pouch. It really is that simple.
Manufacturer: RidgeMonkey
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Key Features

  • Simple to use, easy to empty
  • Hard-wearing two-piece design
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Protected registered design
  • Designed to cut 14-16mm boilies
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