Penn Fathom II 12 SD Mag brake - FTHII12SD

Penn Fathom II FTHII12SD Mag Brake is a non levelwind high speed (6.1:1) multiplier. This model now features an adjustable magnetic braking system which allows you to quickly dial in the braking needed to suit conditions on the day. The FTHII12SD is a narrow spooled version of the popular FTH15 and has the same spool size and capacity as the Penn 515 series. This makes it a very good casting reel for all round beach use and the narrow spool lends itself to use with braid from the boat. The magnetic braking and free floating spool means that the FTHII12SD is a well-controlled distance casting reel. The one piece metal frame, metal side plates, alloy spool, strong gears and HT100 drag help give the Fathom II FTHII12SD that solid and dependable feel which you demand in a hard-working multiplier reel. The combination of strong gearing and large power handle make retrieving fish and gear a doddle. From the boat they will cover general bottom fishing, lure work, jigging and uptiding.
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Manufacturer: Penn Fishing
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  • Solid narrow spooled casting reel
  • Full metal one piece open cage
  • Full metal sideplates
  • Magnetic Braking System
  • Dial brake adjuster
  • Live Spindle and free floating spool
  • Marine-grade bronze alloy main gear
  • Precision-machined stainless steel pinion gear
  • Versa-Drag ™ system with HT-100 ™ washers
  • 6 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Good ratchet
  • 6.1:1 retrieve.
  • Capacity (nylon) 395m x 0.29mm
  • Weight 16.9oz
  • Maximum Drag 13.6kg
  • Recovery 30''
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