The Ragot Miralite is a classic bar spoon which combines long casting with loads of flash to make it a deadly bass lure. The curved shape gives it an attractive wobbling action and the holographic tape is on both sides to give plenty of flash. It can be fished with a straight retrieve or sink and draw and the Mitralite is very effective when fish are smashing shoals of baitfish. The compact shape allows you to blast the lure to the feeding zone and then quickly work it back through the frenzy. Takes are often savage but the HD saltwater treble gives you a good hook hold.
SKU: RG2499360
GTIN: 3560410069709
Manufacturer: Rapala
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The larger sizes can be jigged from the boat as well as cast and will take a range of different species.

Classic metal lure

Long casting

Wobbling action

Double holographic foil gives added flash

Fish on a straight retrieve or sink and draw

Can also be jigged from the boat

HD Saltwater treble

Hook dressed for added attraction

Strong split rings

Ready rigged with rolling swivel