Light Beach/Bass

Lighter than your normall beach rods ideal for Bass fishing or fishng with lighter leads for Estuary work etc. Also great for kids looking to get into beach fishing without having to step up to a full blown beach caster.

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Daiwa D Wave Bass Fishing 11FT

Daiwa D Wave Sea Bass Fishing Rod is ideal traditional surf sea bass fishing. With outstanding casting power, this Daiwa D Sea Bass is a perfect rod for getting out past the surf to reach those bass.

Anyfish Anywhere 12ft Estuary Rod Mk2 1-3oz

So what, exactly, is an Estuary fishing rod? Well, it’s a bit of a tricky one, its not just a flounder rod, its not a Bass fishing rod, it’s the sort of rod you use when you don’t want to cast a weight heavier than say, 3 or 4 oz’s. Now that doesn’t mean that that is all this rod will do. Far from it. This rod is not just about casting lighter leads and bottom fishing. This rod will also float fish, even cast lures or plugs, in fact versatility is what this rod is all about. From ledgering for Bass to float fishing for mackerel, this rod will do the lot, because the design of this blank is rather unusual. But before you ask, NO, it’s not just a carp rod in disguise! This is the rod that sea anglers should be using anytime they think of using a carp rod.
£225.00 £215.00

Icon Bass 11ft 6in 2-4oz

The ICON bass rod is perfectly suited to the be used for a variety of methods whilst fishing from different marks around the coastline. The 2-4oz rating means it can cast a bait a long way with ease and also has a soft tip action to spot small bites and not to move lighter leads while fishing in the surf. At 11ft 6" long, the rod is also perfectly suited as an all-round inshore rod to be used whilst casting mackerel feathers and float fishing from the beach, pier or rock marks. The rod has also been designed to be used with the ICON 5000 spin reel that comes preloaded with 20lb braid. This reel perfectly balances the rod for superb casting performance.

Anyfish Anywhere Four & Bait MkII - 13 Fixed Spool

This rod is available in our new and improved models as a mk2 version and at 13 and 14ft. We have designed the Four&Bait primarily for lighter beach fishing, when the requirements of a 6oz lead, clipped and whacked are not the order of the day.
£205.00 £189.99

PENN Squadron 2 Bass 11ft 2-4oz

Offering exceptional value for money, the PENN Squadron II Bass rod features a modern, sporting blank actions designed to achieve high performance in both fishing and casting.
£84.99 £69.98

Icon Spin 9FT 20-60g

This ICON range of rods uses an ultra-slim, high-modulus, carbon blank to allow the angler to feel every bite and have control over the bait/lure whilst fishing. Ultra-slim, high-modulus, carbon blanks High gloss finish Shaped, EVA handle for comfort, High quality Fuji reel seat Lined sic guides