Korda Zig Kit

Manufacturer: Korda
  • Containing everything you need to set up a full adjustable setup to be changed to suit your preference and venue. With a blow-moulded float, size 11 QC swivel and anti-tangle sleeve all included, it is a truly diverse set up.
  • This contains everything needed to set up an adjustable set-up. Just add: PVA Foam, a lead, hook length/bait and you're away!
  • The precision blow-moulded float is the optimum size to allow the float to easily rise to the surface, whilst being compact enough to allow long range fishing and the light grey colour ensures its unobtrusive midwater, regardless of the light/water conditions. The float features a soft insert that houses the (supplied) size 11 QC Swivel, this reduces the profile of the float and helps to prevent tangles. A clear anti-tangle sleeve is also supplied.
  • The crucial feature of the boom section is the ball bearing swivel, the swivel ensures the rapid rotation of the boom and prevents the float tangling, and the buoyant ball ensures the link sits up over any debris allowing the float to rise freely.
Picture of Korda Zig Kit Medium
Korda Zig Kit Medium
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Picture of Korda Zig Kit Large
Korda Zig Kit Large
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Picture of Korda Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeves
Korda Zig Kit Anti Tangle Sleeves
These little gems were designed to prevent tangles on the cast, and help to kick your hook bait away from the lead once the rig lands on the lake bed, giving excellent presentation.
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GTIN: 5060461125228
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