Korda Marker Stems

Ever had difficulty with your float rising on weedy waters? Well, this scenario is no more. We have produced a product that holds your float above the dreaded weed, yet still indicating the type of lake bed your fishing over through the line. The injection-moulded stems hold the float 10in or so off the bottom and feature the line running through them via the large eye. This, in turn, allows the float to rapidly rise to the surface, marking your chosen area. Your receive two in a pack!
GTIN: 5060461125761
Manufacturer: Korda
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  • Easy to set up
  • Casts long distances
  • Rigid suoer strong stem
  • Unique ring swivel with suoer large free flowing ring permanently fixed to the stem
  • Durable highly buoyant foam section
  • Long range trouble free casting

This pack contains two purpose designed beads:

  • Drop Zone Marker Bead - A finned tapered bead which is designed to fit against the base of the Drop Zone Marker Float and act as a buffer. it also streamlines the base of the float for smooth lond distance casting.
  • Multi Bead - This large 9mm diameter bead enables the Marker Stem to be set up with any type of float.