IMA Sasuke 105 Pearl Bora

The IMA Sasuke 105 fits nicely between the Komomo II and larger Sasuke lures. It has a similar small bait fish profile to the deadly Komomo but the slightly more acute Sasuke 'face' means that it dives slightly deeper than the Komomo allowing you to reach fish when they do not want to come right up to the surface. Despite the small size it can be cast a serious distance, even into strong winds, due to its highly dense internal shifting tungsten ball weights. The Sasuke 105 vibrates tightly on the retrieve with a really seductive, tight 'wiggle' action and the lure can also be made to dart erratically. It normally fishes down to around 80cm but by holding the rod up and using a slow and steady retrieve you can make it fish shallower if you wish.
SKU: SKF105-116
Manufacturer: IMA
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  • Length 105mm
  • Weight 13gm
  • Floating
  • Depth 50 ~ 80cm
  • Tight wiggle action
  • Internal shifting tungsten ball weight system
  • Long casting
  • Stable in choppy conditions
  • 2 x #4 owner ST46 trebles
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