IMA iBorn 118F Shallow Black Pearl Glow (X4986 Limited Edition)

New from IMA, the iBorn features a tight and aggressive wobbling action and is the perfect lure for working shallow marks, thanks to the vane that prevents it from submerging beyond 30cm. The iBorn features a fantastic design that keeps the lure stable during flight and a "keel" on the side for improved stability when it hits the water. The iBorn is capable of fantastic casting distances which can be invaluable when tackling shallow terrain. Currently available in three different colours
SKU: X4986
GTIN: 4539625172954
Manufacturer: IMA
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  • Length 118mm
  • Weight 19gm
  • Fishing depth 30cm
  • Tight wobbling action
  • Discreet vane
  • Keel for improved stability
  • Slim profile
  • Super long distance casting potential
  • 2 x #3 treble hooks
  • Devised in Japan