IMA Hound 100F Glide Cotton Candy

The IMA Hound 100F is a compact long casting minnow. It has a streamlined teardrop shaped body, small lip and moving weight system which all combine to give you amazing casting distances for a 100m lure. This allows you to cover lots of water and when the fish are switched on to smaller bait this combination makes the Hound 100F a winning lure. The small lip sees the lure working around 40 ~ 80cm deep and a steady retrieve induces a woven rolling action. Pauses cause it to rise slowly to the surface and rod movement will add sharp darts into the mix.
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GTIN: 4539625153137
Manufacturer: IMA
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  • Length 100mm
  • Weight 14gm
  • Floating
  • Depth 40 ~ 80cm
  • Long casting
  • Moving weight system
  • Teardrop body profile
  • Woven roll action
  • 2 x #4 Owner ST-46 Trebles
Products specifications
Fishing Type Saltwater Fishing
Bait Type Saltwater Lure
Material Plastic
Buoyancy Positive
Item Length 100mm
Item Weight 14g
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