Fulling Mill Silicone Fly Box Large

The Fulling Mill Clear Silicone Fly Box features an exclusive design, using silicone as opposed to foam to safely and securely store your flies. Inside each fly box is a light green coloured silicone insert that provides a high contrast against your flies so you can see them with ease. The silicone insert provides a tight and secure hold of your flies and the clear box allows you to see your collection of flies quickly and easily. The fly box is secured using a plastic, dual clip lock that will click open and close using a small amount of pressure from your thumbs. Each box is designed to be ultra light in weight and are convenient and easy to carry.
SKU: 1746
GTIN: 5099999042332
Manufacturer: Fulling Mill
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Clear fly box
Light green silicone insert
Strong, secure hold
See your flies easily
Light in weight, convenient to carry
Able to fit in your pocket

Large: 190 x 110 x 19mm
Holds 168 Flies

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