Fox Rangemaster 20mm Plastic Throwing Stick

These fantastic throwing sticks have been designed with carp anglers in mind, and would be a great asset to any fishermen that likes to target carp regularly. A throwing stick is an excellent tool to you if you are looking for a way to accurately distribute bait over a long distance. Accuracy also makes these throwing sticks incredibly desirable for many carp anglers across the globe; they can be used to hurl boilies out far into the water, and they will be delivered directly to your chosen carp. With this amount of precision and accuracy, you’ll be reeling in the biggest carp in your swim in no time. One of the most innovative and helpful features of these brilliant throwing sticks is that they have been constructed from lightweight, flexible plastic. Unlike conventional plastic, this makes it easier and quicker to put a bigger bed of bait down onto your stick. Putting a few kilos of bait out can take a long time with heavier conventional plastic, but with this lightweight material you will be able to have your Rangemaster Throwing Sticks ready to go in no time. Another superb feature of these throwing sticks is that their shape has been CAD designed shape to offer maximum distance. This makes them different and unique from anything other throwing stick and means you can throw these sticks even further, so you can reach even the furthest away of carp. This also gives you even more options down on the bank; you can choose to throw the sticks closer to you or bite the bullet and throw it out the farthest you can. Either way, you’ll be bringing in a catch thanks to its excellent precision and accuracy.
Manufacturer: Fox
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Key Features

  • Constructed from lightweight, flexible plastic
  • Designed to be a very robust throwing stick
  • CAD designed shape for maximum distance
  • Non-slip rubber handle
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