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Hardy Ultralite MTX Reels

From £379.99
A new benchmark in reel design! The Hardy Ultralite MTX is Hardy's first fly reel to feature Hybrid Carbon fibre / alloy main frame construction. Strong, light and with a stunning industrial design the MTX features a Carbon fibre drag system with a 340 degree colour coded regulator, captive spool release and high line capacity. For a reel that is carbon fibre and alloy, it is incredibly light but sturdy. Therefore it will balance perfectly with good quality single hand fly rods, and will offer years of reliable usage. The colour coded drag system provides a visual guide when you need to apply just the right amount of pressure on the spool. Having a colour guide can be particularly helpful when you are trying to land fish in highly oxygenated water where their fighting qualities are extraordinary, or if you happen to hook a large fish on light leaders and small flies. The colours go from red - the tightest setting, amber - increased tension, and green marks - no drag. Replacing the spool on the MTX is very easy. Simply unscrew the cap, remove the spool and replace with the new spool. This lets you change fly lines quickly and efficiently, for example, say you want to change from a floating fly line to a sinking fly line but don't want to interrupt your fishing too much. It is a beautiful looking reel and will site nicely on any good quality single hand fly rod. Extensive research and development has gone into this reel and is the product of rigorous testing and strict quality control methods. Therefore you can be confident that you are getting exceptional value for money.

Greys GTS 700 Size #5/6/7

£99.99 £89.99

Sigma Fly Reel 7/8

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reel Shakespeare has long been a highly regarded brand among the angling industry and is famous for its production of high quality products at extremely affordable prices. Loved by beginners to the sport, as well as stalwarts who have been passionate anglers since the day they were first able to hold a rod, Shakespeare is the go to brand for anglers who understand that quality doesn’t always have to come with a huge price tag. This Sigma Fly Reel from the brand is sure to put a huge smile on all the avid fly anglers’ faces. Designed to balance perfectly on the Shakespeare Sigma Fly Rods, this Sigma Fly Reel is a matt black cassette-style reel that looks classy on any high quality fly outfit. It is constructed from a lightweight polymeric material that has been reinforced to add additional strength without additional weight. The Shakespeare Sigma fly Reels feature a large arbour spool that can hold a significant amount of line. They are also ambidextrous. They come supplied with the handle on the left of the reel – perfect for any standard right-handed setups – but for those left handed anglers (or, indeed, right handed anglers who prefer left-handed setups) the handle setup is easily switched. The Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reel is supplied a deluxe highly padded carry case. This ensures the reels full safety during both storage and transit, as we know full well that nothing is worse than arriving at the bank to find you reel has sustained damaged during the journey. The reel also comes with a spare spool as standard.