Daiwa Tournament 10lb Monofil 1/4lb Spool

Widely considered to be one of the most resilient monofilament lines on the market, the Tournament Monofil boasts a number of impressive features that put it head and shoulders about the rest. Significantly tougher than comparable lines at a similar price point, the Daiwa Tournament Monofil was subject to ruthless tests during the development process to ensure it would withstand the harshest of uses. Exposed to treatments which caused the incursion of cuts and surface nicks, Daiwa was incredibly pleased to note that the Monofil still retained much of its remarkable strength. Despite this strength, the Tournament Monofil has almost zero memory. This ensures that when this line comes off a reel you experience near perfect line lay every time. With a slick surface texture this line can cast out remarkable distances thanks to the minimal friction it incurs as it flies from the reel. This line also has an incredibly high knot strength, ensuring sturdy rig ties time after time.
Manufacturer: Daiwa
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Key Features

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Slick surface texture
  • Super high knot strength
  • Ultra low memory
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