Daiwa Duckfin Live Rainbow Trout 15cm 28g

The Duck Fin has really come to life in the shape of this Daiwa Live Shad range. Already during the very first field tests, numerous pikes, zanders and perches were caught with Daiwa Duckfin Live Shad.
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Manufacturer: Daiwa
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Key Features

  • realistic body shape based on 3D modelling
  • Duck Fin tail creates a pronounced, very tempting flanking action
  • suited to fast and slow retrieves
  • tilts even at very low speed
  • body design is inspired by the realistic shape of a bleak – the favorite prey of zander and perch
  • natural colors (based on popular prey fishes) are applied with an innovative printing technology
  • 3D eyes
  • the special soft material is also tough and can endure multiple takes from predators
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