Breakaway Sea Match Sliders 2 pack

Breakaway Sea Match Bait Slider is a light weight slider which is ideal for a number of different applications. The most popular use is to cast out a standard one or two hook rig and then use the slider to work another hook out from the edge. This allows you to cover more of the sea bed and for example fish for whiting at range whilst also targeting flounders in the gutter. In the summer months it is a hand way of sending out a float to look for garfish and scad whilst still fishing a traditional bottom rig. In fact the only real limit to this sliders use is your imagination! To work correctly you first need to make sure you are using a good grip sinker which is fastened out on the sea bed. You then just clip the slider on to your main line and then slide it out to the required distance by raising and lowering the rod tip. The slider has a quick clip at the top to allow you to clip it securely on to the line. There is a swivel to attach the rig and a little bait clip which allows you to rest the hook on to reduce the risk of a long trace tangling on the way out into the sea.
GTIN: 5099999040178
Manufacturer: Breakaway
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