Breakaway Impact Shields (Clear)

Breakaway Impact Shields are possibly the best bait clip ever made! When fitted correctly they give virtually guaranteed release every cast and also protect the bait, both during the cast and on impact with the water. These clear Impact Shields are just like the original black Impact Shield but moulded in clear plastic. If you are after shy fish and want to make your rig as inconspicuous as possible then using these clear Impact Shields may help to increase your chances.
GTIN: 5099999043209
Manufacturer: Breakaway
Availability: 15 in stock

  • Streamlined bait clip with added bait protection
  • Guaranteed release every time bait clip
  • Provide bait protection during cast and upon impact with water
  • Use to make all types of clip down rig such as wishbones, pulleys, loop, cascade and clipped downs
  • Tubing included
  • Comes with instructions
  • Available in packs of 10