Breakaway Adjustable Crimps

These unique crimps have a rubber lining which allow them to be crimped in position yet be moved without damaging the trace/rig line. This is a useful feature for altering the snood positions on multi hook rigs and means you can make a 3 up trace into a 2 up 1 down in seconds. They can also be used for adjustable bait stops to cater for different sized baits. Will fit lines up to 80lb, 20 or 50 crimps per pack
GTIN: 709969100188
Manufacturer: Breakaway
Availability: 4 in stock

  • Crimps with a soft silicone lining
  • Crimps designed not to damage your line
  • Perfect for semi fixed snoods
  • Good for moveable bait stops
  • 20 Crimps per pack
  • Comes with instructions